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The Best

Every country in the world is the best. What I mean to say is that every country in the world is the best at something.

For example, Mexico is best at making lemons. Cuba has the most doctors in the world. Kenya makes the most black tea. Italy has the most kiwi fruits. The most pizza eaters live in Norway. India has the most bananas. Iraq has the most oil in the world. Lithuania has the fastest wi-fi. Japan has the most expensive restaurants and Canada has the most donuts.

These all seem to be very good things. Every country in the world is the best, at something.

There are some countries that are the worst places to live. In some Internet rankings they are: North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Education is very low. The countries are poor, have few chances for people to be free and to make a good future. There is trouble in the governments and there is no freedom to speak or live how you like.

We also learn from the Internet that the best countries in the world to live in are Finland, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, and Japan.

The best countries are places that have high levels of medical care, good education, public safety, low crime, art, and high levels of technology. The best countries have great natural places to visit, a strong sense of art and music, great food, long life for old people, and democracy. It is very interesting to see that democracy is good for a long life. It is interesting to see that nature and good food are also very important to live long too. There are many factors that we need to think about when we want to understand what is a “good life”.

It might be interesting to think about what the Internet thinks about what the best countries are. There are some things that are interesting, and we should talk about them.

But the thing that is also very important is that we talk about how to make a “best person” too.

Best countries are measured in money and power, but best people are measured in different ways.

Scientists teach us that there are important things to think about when we want to be the best person we can be.

They say, be honest, respect other people, be calm, talk about your feelings with friends, organize your life carefully, be confident, be tough in your mind, be kind to others, have a sense of humor, have pride in your own life, and be easy to laugh.

It is important that we study and learn. It is important to grow and to understand. But it is important for you and me to have pride in our lives, and to do everything we can to grow, to be truthful, and to be the best in every way we can.