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Unique Japanese Inventions

There are many important inventions we can see in history. Inventions change our lives. Inventions change history. We read about inventions in our history and science classes. We need to know about inventions so that we understand the world. We need to know about inventions so that we can work to the future and think about the new inventions we need later.

You may know about the invention of the telephone, the light bulb, medicine, the radio, the airplane, television, the first computers, and the Internet. You may know the names of great inventors too. Maybe you know about Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. They did many things to help the world become modern. Many of these inventions first came to the world through Europe and America but there are also many interesting and unique inventions that are made only in Japan.

Of course we know that Japan is the creator of many traditional elements and cultural things. Kimono, the koto and shamisen, kendo, karate, sumo, judo, and iaido are all traditional cultural areas. Japan invented the katana and the samurai world. The creation of tea, haiku, and development of Buddhism are all very unique and special to Japan.

But there is more, much more, and not only old traditional things and ideas.

Japan has made many inventions in medicine. Many of these medicines have saved many lives all over the world. Japan created the kei car, the hybrid electric car, and the first hydrogen car. Japan invented the shinkansen and wristwatches. The company Seiko is famous all over the world. Japan made the video tape recorder, flash memory, the compact disc, blue-ray technology, and also some very cool spaceships.

Japan is the leader in robotics. From the karakuri ningyou to modern robots like Pepper, Japan is a great inventor of robotics. In the entertainment market, Japan is the leader in karaoke technology and game software too. Japan is also the inventor of canned coffee and ramen.

There are many new things being discovered and invented every week all over the world. Inventions usually come from a need, and the future of our world will have many new unique needs and problems. We need to continue to study both history of the past and the social problems of today. The more we know and understand, the more we can do to keep our future safe and good.

When we watch the news, especially about North Korea and America, we may want to think that the world is dangerous and we are in big trouble. But I believe that these things will pass in time. There are many things for us to do. Presidents and leaders come and go, come and go. We will have more problems in the future, and it is important that your country be active in making creative answers to fight the big problems that come to our world.