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I am from Canada. I was born in the city of Vancouver but I lived for many years in a very cold part of Canada. Two weeks before it was very cold. It was -35 degrees and everything was ice and snow and wind. Of course I love my country, but it is not easy to love a place that is too cold. Compared to Canada, Kagawa is very warm, even on a day like today.

My country is a country of great diversity. People from all over the world come to Canada. 47% of Canada is made from people who long ago came from Europe. My family comes from Europe and then came to Canada. 28% of the country comes from America or Mexico. Native Indian people are about 5%, people from Asian countries is 15%, people from South America and the Caribbean are about 4%, and a few also come from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Canada has a lot of diversity. There are people from many different places that move to Canada and make it their new home.

Diversity is something that Canadians have pride about. Canadians speak both English and French, and there are many different religions too. In Canada you can hear many languages in the street, from all over the world. Many of my Canadian friends are very proud that the country has a lot of different people from all over the world.

I understand that many people in Canada are proud that it is a country that all other countries are welcome. That is a great thing, and I am glad that Canada can welcome and accept people from many places. But Canada is a very young country. There is a kind of diversity, but the diversity of culture in Canada is wide, but it is not so deep.

When we think about Japan, many people think that there is only one culture, and that there is not so much diversity in a place like Japan. Maybe we should think about what is the meaning of diversity. Diversity is not only a word that can be used for Canada.

When we think of Japan we can see diversity here too. There really are many different kinds of people who live in this country. There are people who live in Tokyo and people who live in Osaka. Both places are very different. The people from both places are different. The people in Kyushu and different than the people in Hokkaido. The people in Okinawa are different than the people in Kyoto. And of course the people who are in Kagawa are really the most unique and special of all.

There is a lot of diversity here in Japan. There are people who live in cities and people who live in the countryside. There are people who work near the sea and oceans, and there are people who live in the mountains. There are people who study deeply in the traditional art of Japan and there are people who design new technology and make wonderful things in science and computer engineering. When we look more deeply in Japan, we see a huge diversity of people. It is very interesting to see so many different kinds of people all over the country.

There is a lot of diversity here in Otemae. There are junior high students and high school students. There are sports players and there are artists and musicians. There are very clever students and there are very charming students. There are students who study very hard, and there are students who need to study a little more. Many different people have many different ideas and feelings, and plans and dreams. When we look more deeply at Otemae we see a huge diversity.

The most important thing is that in Canada or in Japan we see that diversity gives us power, and strength. Diversity gives us understanding of other people. Diversity helps us understand the human heart. Diversity is in nature and in human nature. Diversity makes a unique and special connection with everyone.