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In school you must study many things. You must go to many classes. You have a mountain of homework to do every day. There is a lot of information that you must master and many things that you must remember for your tests. You have a job that feels endless but every day you go to your classes and try your best.

But even if you learn many things and know a lot of information it will not be enough. Even if you remember many things and repeat the textbook to your teacher it will not be enough. Even if you memorize every word your teacher says it will not be enough.

There is one more thing that you need. You need imagination.

Imagination is important for everything. Imagination is how we find new things, and how we solve difficult problems. Imagination is the big thing that helps us see the future. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Einstein also said that “Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere.”

To Einstein, imagination is the power that goes everywhere and can understand everything. Imagination helps us to be creative and artistic. Imagination helps us find answers to difficult problems. Imagination is the eye that can see in the dark.

Imagination is not just about dreaming. Imagination is not a fantasy world. Imagination is a real element to help us find answers to problems in life. Imagination develops new technology and new science. Imagination puts rockets and spaceships into space. Imagination makes better tools for life and builds our society.

But how can we develop our imagination power? How can we grow our imagination? How can we get our imagination going?

Psychologists who study creativity and imagination have a few ideas how we can become more creative and have deeper thinking. Here are a few of their ideas:

1. Turn off your TV and put away your cell phone. The screens of TV and cell phones take our time and steal our creative brain power.
2. Sit quietly for a short time. If your mind can have no noise from the outside it will begin to work naturally by itself.
3. Rea something beautiful. Read literature for a short time. Words have deep power to start our creativity.
4. Listen to music that has no words. Music can be like a magic key to get the brain to explore and create.
5. Do something very boring for a short time. Sometimes if we do a boring thing, like cleaning our rooms or organizing our desks the creative mind will be calm and we can feel new thoughts and ideas come to us.

Imagination, and the power of the human mind are amazing things. But we need to give the brain good food too. Good books, good movies, good programs, good conversations with friends, good lessons from teachers, and time to think for ourselves will make positive results. Imagination makes success.

Imagination is very important in developing leaders for the future. The top people in science, computer technology, government, art, music, and business are all creative people with great imaginations. I hope you want to be the top of your future career and you will give your imagination time and energy to grow.