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Winter Olympics: The Greatest Season

Winter Olympics: The Greatest Season

I love the Winter Olympics. Many people do not care about the Winter Olympics but I love them. I love the Winter Olympics much more than the Summer Olympics. Maybe it is because I like ice hockey. Maybe it is because I am a Canadian. Maybe it is both of these reasons.

This year the Winter Olympics are held in Pyeongchang, Korea. It has only been a few days but I really enjoy watching any event that I can. I like the skating. I like the skiing. I like the snowboarding. I like the ski jumping. I love the ice hockey, and I will even enjoy the curling.

The Olympic Games happen one time every four years when the greatest athletes of the world assemble to see who is the best. It is a time of great challenge and great effort and it is wonderful for us to see Olympic athletes push themselves as far as they can. It is wonderful to see the human spirit reach as far as possible. It is a unique time for us to see what the human heart and body can do, and the thing that makes humans achieve incredible things.

These Olympics are also very important for the world. We have seen a very unique and important meeting take place between South Korea and North Korea. We do not know much of the communication that went between them, but it is good to see them talk. It is good for the two countries that share a language and share an ancient history to meet and to see that they are very similar and not so different as humans. We hope that this is a new beginning to better relationships, and we hope that we can see the wall between the two Koreas disappear, just like we saw the wall between two Germanys disappear back in 1989.

In our world we can see a lot of different cultures. We can see a lot of different faces. We can hear a lot of different languages. But in the Olympic Games we see many things that can bring us together. We share the same Earth. We share the same sky. We share the same air. We share the same water that runs through all the oceans and seas around the world. We share the same love of our countries and families. We share hobbies, and music, and art, and Olympic events. The Olympics are a great time to bring us together.

Japan has been a host for the Winter Olympics in 1972 in Sapporo and again in 1998 in Nagano. We are all naturally very excited for 2020 and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The Olympic spirit seems to run very deep here, and of course, for great hospitality there is no better country than Japan.

So, whether you watch Alpine Skiing, Speed Skating, Biathlon, Snowboarding, Bobsleigh, Ski Jumping, Cross-Country Skiing, Skeleton, Curling, Short Track Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Nordic Combined, Luge, or Ice Hockey, I am sure you will find something interesting to watch. There will be someone there that you will want to cheer for.

The last thing I would like to mention about the Olympic Games is that it is a great time for people around the world to meet and to share ideas and make friends. It is a time for people who share the same feeling to see people from other countries and to know that we are all one people. The way that most of these people communicate is through English. I hope that when you see the athletes together on TV from all over the world you will also see that the way that they talk to each other is through the English language. I also hope that you will feel and know that English is the key to meet people outside Japan, to communicate internationally, to laugh and share, and to understand more and more about the world, and about the things that make us all the same on this one big Earth.