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How to Be a Good Friend

Coming to Otemae for our new students may be a little shocking. There are many things to learn. There are many things to get used to. There are many new people. It is very natural for everyone to feel nervous in a new place, in a new classroom, with new people.

The number one worry for most new students is about finding new friends.

“Will I find new friends?” “Can I make new friends?” “Will other people think I am so strange?”

These are the worries of new students in school. For some students finding new friends can be a serious problem. Of course, we all know that Otemae is a very friendly school. You have a very friendly principal and very friendly teachers. But how about finding friends in your classroom? How about finding friends who are close to your age? This is a big challenge for everyone. I hope that if you have good friends here at Otemae you will help your friends. You are very lucky. I also hope that you will find people who do not have friends and that YOU will choose to be a new friend for them. To be a friend for someone who is shy or who cannot make friends easily is a great thing, a wonderful thing, and something that makes you a good person.

But let’s talk about how we can be good friends to other people. Today I have five rules for you to make a good friendship.

1. Choose friends carefully. Choose people who are good. Choose people who like and care about others. Choose people who can help you grow. Choose people you can give your time and energy to. Choose people who are kind and who want to grow together.

2. It is okay to fight with your friend sometimes. Sometimes you do not agree with your friend. Maybe you will not want to talk for a short time. Don’t be afraid to not agree with your friend. Don’t be afraid to say what you think, and also give your friend a chance to speak too.

3. To be a good friend you need to give first. You need to give your time. You need to give trust. You need to give your help. You need to give your energy. You need to give all those things first. Don’t wait for someone to give things and energy to you. You should give first. If it comes back to you that is great. You found a friend. If it is not given back to you then you know that the person maybe is not so good for you. Then you should look for a different friend.

4. Your cell phone, Facebook, LINE, and social media are not great to make friends. It is best to be in the same room. The internet is not a friend. People are friends. Turn off your computer. Put your cell phone in your pocket. Talk with your voice. Use your own eyes and ears and enjoy the moment with people. It is much more fun than your cell phone. Please try it.

5. Be honest and listen to your friend. Tell the truth. Keep secrets safe. Keep trust. Let your friend speak first. Be a good listener.

These are my rules for friendship. I hope that they help you be a good friend to other people. I am so grateful to my friends for their help and love. I am glad we can have friends, and I hope that you can make many friends that you keep for your whole life here at Otemae.