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May 8th: Red Cross Day

This week we celebrate a very important international day. Today is Red Cross Day. The Red Cross is an organization that was created by a man named Jean Henri Dunant, and May 8th was his birthday. Dunant is the founder of the Red Cross and the first winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Red Cross was first created to help army soldier who were injured or hurt in war. It was first made in 1867. The Red Cross was very important in Europe because it helped make rules to keep injured soldiers safe and gave doctors a chance to save many people in the wars that came. In World War One and World War Two, the Red Cross was very active to help keep doctors and medical people safe when they helped soldiers injured in battles.

Today the Red Cross is also called the Red Cross and the Red Crescent because it is active in countries not only in Europe but all over the world. The Red Cross and Red Crescent have been active all over the world. They have important jobs that they do.

They promote help to anyone who needs them.

They give help in emergencies like earthquakes and natural disasters.

They help in education so people can prepare for natural disasters.

They support health activities in communities all over the world.

They support local youth groups and volunteer groups all over the world.

The great thing about the Red Cross and Red Crescent is that they believe in service to the whole world. There is no nationality or religion to the organization. They help people only because they believe it is important to make the world better.

When we think about the Red Cross we can be very impressed with the global power that they have. They go to countries all over the world to help the injured and the poor. When there is big trouble like an earthquake or tsunami the Red Cross and Red Crescent hurry to help other people. They give us inspiration.

When we see how active they are in helping other people we might think about what we can do too. How can we do some of the things that the Red Cross and Red Crescent can do? How can we make the world better like they do?

This is a good question, and because we are students and teachers we should think about how we can help our society and community. Maybe there are things that we can do to volunteer. Maybe there are volunteer activities we can do in our neighborhoods. Maybe we can do some cleaning up in our parks and on our beaches. Maybe we can help older people or sick people or homeless people.

Let’s find ways to make our world better, our countries better, our prefecture better, and our local neighborhoods better. Together we can make things better if we learn more and cooperate peacefully with each other. We learn globally and act locally.