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The Police

In many places around the world people are afraid of the police. Many people in many countries think that the police are dangerous. They think that the police are scary.

It is true that in countries that are not safe, or where the society is weak or education not very strong, there are some good reasons to be afraid of the police. In many third world countries the police take money from anyone, and sometimes in America we hear stories of police officers who do some terrible things.

You and I are lucky. You are Japanese and I am a Canadian. In both Japan and Canada we can trust our police more. We can believe that the police officers of Japan and the police officers of Canada help people. If we have trouble we know that the police will help us.

To be a police officer is not an easy job. There are many things that you need to do so you can be a good police officer. You must be strong and you must be fast. You must have a strong body and you must have a good brain. You must also have a good character and a good heart. You must be a leader and you must listen to what people say to you when there is trouble.

You need many skills to be a good police officer, and it is not an easy road to take. One of the skills you need as a police officer is to learn how to drive a car. But you do not go to a regular driving school. You must go to police driving school. There you will learn how to be an expert driver. You must also know how to use many different kinds of tools. You must learn how to use computers, and how to use science to fight the bad guys. You must also know how to use a gun, and how to use your body to fight.

If you become a police officer you will get a great training for your body and your mind.

It is interesting that in countries like Ireland, Norway, Iceland, and New Zealand, the police do not carry guns. They believe that a police officers work is to communicate and build relations in the community. In England and Wales very few people are killed by the police. It is very rare. It seems that in most countries, the work of the police is to support, protect, serve, and help people.

I have a few friends who work as police in Canada. I was a teacher for police students in Canada many years ago. I suppose that I could say that I am a fan of police officers, and that I respect the very hard work that they do.

We can respect the work of the police because they protect our homes and our communities. If there is trouble or danger they rush to stop it. If there is a dangerous person or problem they are between us and that danger. They serve society with their hearts, bodies, and minds. To be a police officer is a very wonderful and excellent job and career.

You are in your school years, and from now there are many things for you to study and learn. If you were thinking of a way to serve your community and to develop strong skills and training, you might think about becoming a police officer. I believe that your family, your friends, your classmates, and your teachers would be very proud of you.

Remember to help your local police when they need you.