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Train Your Brain

Because you are a student you have so many jobs to do. You must go to many classes. You must listen to many different teachers. You must do a lot of homework every day. You must study after school. You must study for tests. You must write many tests. You must repeat this pattern again and again and again.

I think that you know that I really love this school. I really like the teachers here. I like the management. And I really, really like the students here. I feel very lucky to speak with you this morning. I feel very lucky to know students here at Otemae.

I also think that you know that this school is the best school in Kagawa to get an education. The teachers are excellent. The study programs are excellent. And you know that if you have a dream to get to a good university, Otemae is great place to follow that dream.

But you will be very busy, and there is much work to do. You need to study Science, Mathematics, History, Music, Geography, P.E., Classic Japanese, Modern Japanese, English, Home Economics, Art, Information Science, and Social Studies. You must put a lot of information in your brain. You are going to learn a lot and get a lot of information.

And there is one more thing that you should learn. It is not a subject in school. It is not information. It is not more data. You need to train your brain how to be creative. You need to learn ways to take information and data and know how to use it, how to change it, how to create something unique and original. You need to learn how to grow a creative way to think.

Creativity is not a subject in schools, but it is important for the future. Scientists, writers, politicians, artists, business people, company owners, and leaders in many areas use a creative brain to grow, and lead, and succeed. You need to develop your creative mind too.

But how can we do this? How can we change our brains? How can we make a creative mind?

It is very difficult, but it is also a natural thing to do. Experts in creative studies have some ideas. I want to share these ideas with you today.

1. To be creative, make some scheduled time every day for thinking and planning.
2. To be creative, for 5 minutes every day, use your other hand for writing. If you use your right hand, use your left hand for a short time. This will affect your brain in a good way.
3. To be creative, work in a place that has natural sunlight. The sun is a good source for creative thinking.
4. To be creative, turn off all cell phones, TVs, and computers. No music. No video. No LINE. No noise.
5. If you have a problem to solve, sit quietly for one complete hour. Let your mind rest and let a natural thought process begin.
6. If your mind is noisy, walk outside for 20 minutes. You don’t need to go far. Just walk around outside. Feel the wind. Feel the sun. Your mind will work when you are walking.
7. Try to listen to a different kind of music. Or look at different kinds of designs or art.
8. Wake up early. Eat breakfast. Wash your face.
9. Talk with positive and intelligent people. Do not waste your time with people who are negative and who say, “You can’t do that.”
10. Be patient with your mind. Good things and important things take time. Creativity will come to you if your mind is relaxed and you are doing different things with positive activity.

When you develop your creative mind you will see great results. Your tests in school will improve. You will have more energy. You will be more positive. You will make good friends.

In everything, work hard, work smart, and be gentle with other people. Be gentle with yourself too.