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Benefits of Being Bilingual

Everyone here today must study English. It is one of your classes, and a class where you have many tests. There are many things you must learn when you study English. Of course, you must learn vocabulary. Of course, you must learn grammar. Of course, you must learn reading and writing. Of course, you must practice speaking and make your English voice smooth. And, of course, I hope you will also do the Eiken examination.

But learning English is not only important for your school work. It is not only a test for you to master in school. Being bilingual has many good benefits. There are many good reasons why you should work hard to become bilingual. Here are some of the top benefits to speaking a second language well.

1. Research shows us that bilingual people have a healthier brain. When you learn a second language your concentration is better. You can code-change from Japanese to English, so it is like an exercise for your brain. Bilingual people also have fewer cases of brain disease. Old people who speak two languages have healthier brains for a longer time.

2. Research shows that bilingual people are better students in school. Because the brain is changed to support two languages, people who speak two or more languages can master many other subjects in school more easily. The brain is more flexible and has more stamina than a brain with only one language.

3. Research shows that bilingual people have more successful careers and jobs in the future. To get a good job, especially in media, writing, tourism, and scientific research, a second language is very important. People who are bilingual are more successful in work.

4. Research shows that bilingual people have a more open mind. People who speak two languages can communicate with many different people around the world. They can share ideas, and have a patient heart to understand people from other countries and other cultures.

5. Research shows that bilingual people have a more interesting life and social hobbies. When you speak another language you can enjoy the art, music, comedies, stories, news, and discussions that are in the other language. Your mind will grow and you will be able to enjoy more art and music and news because you know and understand another language.

So, now you know that learning English is important. Learning English can change your life and give you many benefits. We know that learning English is very hard and very troublesome. Preparing for the Eiken test is a big job, but it is an important job. When you get a higher Eiken rank your whole life will get better and your future will be brighter. And of course you are in the best school in all of Takamatsu to study English. Otemae has the best English teachers and the best English language program for junior and senior high in this city. Don’t forget that if you don’t understand something in English class there are champion level English teachers here to help you.

To become bilingual is not a dream for us. To become bilingual is our plan. To become bilingual is our daily work. You can do it. Of course you can. Good luck on your next English test!