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Happy Birthday Ashikaga Yoshimitsu!

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and I have birthdays almost exactly 600 years apart. I think that is really interesting. Our lives are very different though. Ashikaga Yoshimitsu was the shogun of Japan. I teach English to students in Kagawa. I am glad to have my job, because I think that Ashikaga Yoshimitsu had a very difficult life to live. He had many jobs and he changed many things in good ways for this country. I am learning more and more about the history of Japan, and it is very, very interesting.

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu was born on September 25th, 1358. He became very important in the government when he was only 20 years old. When he was only 24 he brought peace to the government. When he was only 27 he retired and moved to Kyoto. He built Kinkakuji, and made that his home. From there he met many people from China. He made peace and embassies with China. He made trade agreements with China and worked to keep the peace at home and overseas.

It is also very interesting to know that Ashikaga Yoshimitsu was a big supporter of Zeami Motokiyo, who is the father of Noh.

Sadly, he died very young. He died when he was 50 years old.

When we study history we can learn about leaders of the past. We can see the good ones, the bad ones, the great ones, and the dangerous ones.

What do you think is important for the leaders of your country? What do you think is important for the leaders of the world? This is an important thing for you to think about. One day, everything is yours, and you will need to choose leaders for your town, for your city, for Kagawa-ken, and for the country.

If we think about Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, we can see a leader who is strong, but who also understands that peace is important. We can see a leader who believes in communication, who believes in trade and exchange, and who believes that talking to people from other places makes our home stronger and safer. We can also see a leader that loves and supports art. This is also a great thing that our leaders should do.

Sometimes we see things in our society and our cities that we do not like. Sometimes we see things that we need to change. But how can we change those things? How can we make the society that we want?

The first thing to do is to read, and to get information. The Internet is a very noisy thing, so you need to learn how to find the truth. You need to learn how to find a lie. That is a very important thing. The next thing is that we need to talk with our leaders about the problems and challenges we have in our schools and communities.

The biggest thing that we can do as people in society is to vote. When you become 18 years old you have a right to vote. This is a very important right, and it is your duty too. The power of voting for our leaders is the thing that makes Japan great, and makes Canada great. Remember that our leaders serve our society, but that together we make our life together safe, rich, clean, and good for everyone who lives in it.