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Time in Kagawa. Time in Tokyo.

I went to Tokyo this week for a couple of days. I had a meeting with some people from Australia and we are talking about how to introduce Kagawa to Australia and make some plans for how they can come. Kagawa is so beautiful, and maybe some people think it is too quiet but I love this Prefecture.

Tokyo and Kagawa are very different. Tokyo is a big city and it is convenient to buy anything. Everything is busy, full of people, and cool things to see. But Kagawa is great too, but for different reasons. Kagawa is calm and clean. Kagawa is natural and the people are so kind.

One thing that I noticed this time is that people who live in Tokyo spend a lot of time riding the trains. I like trains and maybe you like trains, but I don’t want to ride on the train for one or two or three hours every day.

I noticed that most people in Tokyo who ride the trains are looking only into their cell phones. They are playing games. They are watching YouTube. They are shopping and they are chatting on Line. Every day. For many hours every day.

I could not help but to think that this is a huge loss of time. Two or three hours everyday on the train and looking into a very small screen. It looked very limited. It looked very small.

Maybe we should think about how we use our time. Of course it is ok to play a game sometimes, talk with friends, and enjoy YouTube. But life cannot only be those things. We need to study and we need to work. Games are fun but they do not create anything. YouTube and Line are fun too. But they do not help you grow and develop so much.

So if you live in Tokyo or you live in Kagawa, maybe we should think about how we use our time. Maybe we should think that we need enough time to develop talent. We need enough time to learn new things. We need time for experiments and art. We need time to read and to write, to make music and art.

How are you and I using our time? We need time to rest, to sleep, to play, and to have fun with friends. But we also need time to grow, to think, to create, to explore, to discover, and to focus on making things.

The cell phone screen is too small for our lives. Let’s not give that small screen too much time.