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The Festival Called Tokhu Emong

In the country of India there is a large group of native people living there. That group of native people is called the Lothas, and they have a very interesting autumn festival. It is a festival that is for nine days.

The Lothos celebrate a festival that is called Tokhu Emong. The word “Tokhu” means “to go out in a group and go from house to house”, and the word “Emong” means “to stop at a special time”. In this festival the people are very happy because they have finished the hard work of autumn. They have gathered in the rice, corn, and vegetables. They are now ready to have a celebration and to make a party.

In this festival groups of the village go to each house and they ask for food and drink. All the food and drink is brought together and the people can enjoy eating and drinking together. There are a few interesting things about this festival that are unique.

If a stranger is in the area at the time of the festival he or she must stay for the food and drink. The village is very kind to new people and to strangers.

If a family had a member of the family die in that year, the priest will pray for them. The family is treated very well by the whole village at this time.

If people have some argument, fight, or trouble, this is the time when everyone must forget their feelings and to make peace.

The Lothas people believe that this festival is important because it is a time to be thankful for food, drink, and good friends. It is a time to have a feeling of gratitude and to make peace. It is a time to be happy today and to make good plans for the future.

Recently, here in Kagawa there are many autumn festivals. There is a similarity between the festival of Tokhu Emong in India, and the autumn festivals in Japan. Both are about collecting the rice, corn, and vegetables from the fields. Both are about enjoying a time after hard work. And both are about being thankful for the end of the farming season.

Festivals are very important for our communities and societies. Festivals give people a chance to meet and to be together. Festivals make a good society and help people communicate with each other.

Maybe some people feel that a festival is a waste of time or a waste of money. That seems to be a sad way to think. We should not be too busy to enjoy a festival, and we should not be too busy to meet our neighbors and talk with them. When we meet the people around us in our community we make our homes safer and more enjoyable.

I hope that you will have a chance to enjoy a festival near your home. I hope that you will have a chance to participate in festival activities. It can make a great experience and a wonderful memory for your whole life.