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Keep The Truth

We can learn a lot from history. History is the story of our countries. History is the story of our society. History is the story of our culture. When we study history we learn about the past, and we also learn who we are. Japanese history is very old, and very long. Canadian history is very young, and very short.

Every country in the world has wonderful things in their history, and most countries have trouble in their past histories too. But it is very important that we do not feel bad, or embarrassed, or shame about the history of the past. The history of our countries are lessons for us to learn from. Our history is a reminder that life is hard, and that trouble will come. History will show us that we can make a good society today and not make mistakes that we did before.

Today in history, we have many very important things happened. In 1933, in Germany, Adolf Hitler becomes the leader of Germany. From that day for the next ten years, Europe is in the worst war in all of European history. Today in history, in 1948, the great Mahatma Gandhi is killed. Today in history, in 1835, someone tries to shoot President Andrew Jackson in America. Today in history, an airplane crashes in Africa and 169 people die.

It seems that history is just a big story of terrible things happening. So much war, and violence, and trouble. But that is only part of the great story of history. Also, on this day in history, many great people are born. For example, it’s the birthday of Thomas Paine, the great leader, and Anton Chekhov, the great writer.

History is important because it is the story of our world. History is the story of past greatness, past inventions, past challenges, and also past trouble. We have history in science and we have history in technology. We have history in art and in music and dance. We have history in comedy and history in television. We have history in our understanding of nature. We have history in how we eat and drink, in fashion, and in how we make peace.

So, if you learn of some trouble in history of the past, or of war, or of terrible things, that is okay. We must be okay with the truth of our histories. Those times were different, and the people were different. The gift of history is for us to think about how we want to live today. We can see the past and see mistakes and trouble. We can choose to make mistakes again, or we can find better ways to live. We must be okay with the truth of the past. In this way we can have clear eyes for the future.

It is wonderful to see history grow from now into the future. Recently, Osaka Naomi became a world champion in tennis. That is a kind of history too. We see that story today and it will be part of a history from now. Japan has many great scientists who are doing wonderful things in medical research. Their work will be part of history, and save millions of people who can also be part of that future history.

History is a growing thing. History is an organic, creative, exciting thing. I love reading history, and about politics today. We see a story in the newspaper and we see how the future will change. But even though history is so incredible and so interesting we must also be careful that we keep the truth in our minds. Some people will make stories that are not true, or will say that a true story is “fake news” or a lie. Do not listen to them. Read the news and history books yourself. Keep my mind open and keep the truth in your heart.