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Nature: Our Greatest Teacher

I like to teach English, and I am very happy to be an English teacher. For me, I think that to have a job as an English teacher is the best job in the world.

But, sometimes I think that if I were not an English teacher I would like to do something different. I think that if I had a second life I would like to study science more. For me, science is very interesting. Looking at the stars is interesting. Looking at trees and water is interesting. Looking at insects and animals is interesting. Nature is interesting. Science is very interesting.

For example, did you know that cats can’t taste sugar? The cat tongue has no sense of sweet flavors. Did you know that birds can’t taste anything spicy? They have no sense of spicy or hot food. Did you know that two thousand years ago lions were all over Europe? Did you know that shrimp have their heart inside the head? Did you know that koalas sleep 22 hours a day? Did you know that ants never sleep? Did you know that elephants cannot jump? Did you know that alligators live for about 50 years? Did you know that sharks are the oldest dinosaurs?

There are many interesting things that we can learn about animals. And also, because we are like animals, we learn about humans too. But sometimes humans do not care for the earth so much, and they do not care for animals or trees or nature. As a result, we have a lot of environmental problems. Jungles are cut down, and natural homes for animals are destroyed. This is a terrible problem and it makes a lot of trouble for our earth.

It is very important that we have companies and factories. It is important that we have good clean cities, and homes and buildings. But we need to also think that we live in a world that is full of green nature, and home to animals. We need to understand that if we hurt the environment too much we will damage our own lives too. We need to understand that we live inside of nature, and that we do not live away from nature.

When we learn about biology, and chemistry, and physics, we learn about our world, our people, and about our future. Science is not a study of opinions, but it is a study about the real world, and how we can live in such a place. I do not want to live in a world full of concrete and smoke. I want to live in a world of trees, flowers, insects, animals, and healthy people. I think you do too.

Kagawa is such a beautiful place to live. Everything is here. You have mountains and sea, flat places, places with hills, rivers, lakes, and forests. There are so many great natural things to see and enjoy here. And the weather is lovely too. Kagawa has four equal seasons and nature is beautiful in each one.

Spring is coming. The morning winds are warmer and not so cold. Insects are beginning to come out, birds are gathering, and there is a new energy for a new season. Spring is when the great teacher of nature can show us the most. New life comes. New flowers. New creatures. New life. I hope you will take some time from your busy study to look at nature, and to see how it grows. We see our own faces in nature. We grow, we change, we become something more.

Spring is almost here. What part of nature do you want to enjoy this coming season?