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Everything Changes

Some people do not like change. Some people do not like to see new things, or go to new places, or meet new friends. Some people like their life exactly how it is. I remember my grandfather. He was a man who did not like new things. He lived in the same house for many years. He wore the same kinds of clothes every day. He had the same hairstyle. He wore the same kinds of shoes. He ate the same food every day. He ate potatoes, beef, and beans. Every day.

Maybe my grandfather was a little nervous about change. Some people are like that. But change comes, and many things will not stay the same.

In springtime we see a lot of changes. Winter is gone and the flowers of spring are here. We are coming quickly to the end of the school year. The third year high school students will go to universities and colleges. Some will stay here in Kagawa. Some will live in other cities. Their lives will change a lot. For all the other students many things will change again from April. New classes. New teachers. New club members. New homework. New challenges.

We know that change can be good, and we are glad to have something new to do, something new to see.

This week is also a very sad time too. We remember the terrible earthquake and tsunami that came to the Tohoku area. So many people died. So many things were destroyed. A lot of people were killed, and they will not have another spring time. They will not have new experiences any more. We need to remember them, and be grateful for the life we have. We can still do so many things, and we can experience many new changes too.

When we understand that our lives are always changing into something new we should try to be grateful for the time we had, and also grateful for the new things that will come. Sometimes a new change will be hard, but the hard thing can be a challenge to make you stronger and smarter. Sometimes a new change can be strange, but the strange thing can give you more experience and knowledge.

The great writer Victor Hugo said, “Winter is on my head, but the forever spring is in my heart”. I like this expression. Maybe we get old, and maybe we get cold, but a warm spring feeling in the heart is beautiful. We can have hope. We can have fun. We can have excitement and love life.

But if you are someone who is nervous about change, I hope you can calm your mind. Go for a walk outside. Get close to nature. Have a good sleep in the spring vacation. Do something fun. Do something fun with friends. Eat something delicious. Talk with your parents or friends. Open the windows of your house.

Maybe that will make you feel better.

Change is coming. Change always comes. Let’s keep our hearts and minds flexible and look for good things that are coming. Spring is in our hearts, and like the incredible natural world around us, we change and we grow.