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A Good Chance

First of all, I would like to say hello and welcome to the new students here at Otemae. It is great that you are here, and I hope that you feel happy to be here. I hope that you feel welcome to be here. I have been coming to work at Otemae for eight years, and every year it gets better and better.

When you are new at Otemae there are many things you don’t know. There are many new teachers. There are many new classes. There are new books. There are new clubs. There are new classmates. But the best part is that there are new friends here too. This is great time to be at Otemae to make new friends. It is a good chance.

Otemae is a unique school because it is a place that is looking to the future. There are many things here that will be new. This year Otemae is using more technology in teaching. Some students are learning how to use computers and tablets better to help their studies. This is a school that is always looking for new ways to help students learn. There are many good chances for you to try new things, and to learn new things.

Otemae is also a school that is unique because at this school English is a very important subject. Of course, all your classes are important and you need to study hard. But Otemae has a special feeling for learning English. There are chances for you to learn English from the best English teachers in Kagawa. There are chances for you to travel to places like England and Guam to use your English skills. These are good chances.

This is a new school year and a time for many good chances. You have a new chance every day to learn something from someone. You may learn from a teacher. You may learn from a coach. You may learn from a friend. Every day will bring you something new to do or learn or try.

When we have chances to try something or to learn something it is important for you to be ready. So, do not sleep in your classes. Do not be too quiet with your classmates. Do not be too shy. Do not wait for the next chance, or the next chance, or the next chance. The important thing about chances is that you must TAKE them.

You must take your chances.

Maybe you will fall. Maybe you will fail. Maybe you will make a mistake. Maybe something unhappy will happen.

That is really okay. Here at Otemae it is okay to make mistakes when you try. Don’t worry about failing when you try something new. This school has great teachers and coaches to help you and support you. This is a great school to take your chance and to try something new.

Don’t let your chances escape. Please try everything here at Otemae that you can. Be brave. Have fun.

Thank you very much and have a great day!