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Why Do You Go To School?

This is a very good question. There are some easy answers. There are some not so easy answers. Why do you go to school? Why do you wake up early? Why do you hurry in the morning? Why do you carry a heavy bag? Why do you wait for the bus? Why do you come to school in the rain? Why do you come to school when it feels too hot, or too cold, or too windy, or too rainy?

Why do you come to school?

Sometimes you might feel happier if you don’t come to school. Everyone loves a holiday. Everyone loves a weekend with no homework or study. But those days are very few. Students around the world go to school, but not every country is the same.

I did some research to get some information for you.

Japan is number one in mathematics and science, and number two in reading. But low in classroom and study motivation. It is very interesting to see that Japanese students get great results, but seem to be lower in satisfaction for school life. Japanese students are number one in the world for days in school per year. The Japanese average is 230 days a year, while in France it is only 160. The difference between Japan and France is that Japan has a strong academic result, and France is quite poor.

So maybe one of the big reasons why you go to school is to get good results. That is a good reason and good results in education can help you your whole life. We can say that one reason to go to school every day is because you need to know many things.

You need to know things. That is your first reason for coming to school.

Another reason to go to school is so that you can do things.

In school you can have a wide variety of experiences. You join a club activity. You can travel to another country. You can make art. You can make music. You can play sports. You can learn how to make a computer program. You can make friends. You can make human connections.

You need to do things. That is your second reason for coming to school.

And there is one more reason why you must come to school. That reason is so that you can become something.

Knowing things is for your brain. Doing things is for your body. Becoming something is for your spirit and your human character.

You need to come to school so that you can learn from your teachers and friends how to be a good person. You can learn how to be honest. You can learn how to help someone. You can learn how to be a good friend. You can learn how to use your own mind. You can learn how to talk about your own feeling and opinion. You can learn about justice. You can learn about beauty, and truth, and society, and service to other people.

You need to become something important. That is the third reason for coming to school.

Otemae is a school that has great teachers for your brain, great activities for your body, and a great mission and people for your human spirit. You are the reason you need to come to school.