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Internet Trouble

Do you use the Internet? I use the Internet. Do you use the Internet every day? I use the Internet every day. Do you spend a long time on the Internet? Sometimes I spend a long time on the Internet.

To tell you the truth, I really like the Internet. I use it every day. I can do many things with the Internet. Maybe you feel the same way. We can use the Internet to get information quickly. We can use the Internet to find music we like, or movies we like, or comics we like. We can use the Internet for communication. For me, I use applications to have video telephone conversations with my brother in Canada every month. We can see each other. We laugh. We can even drink coffee together and have a good time.

Maybe you use the Internet for your study. I use it for my work. Maybe you use the Internet to watch YouTube. I use the Internet to find interesting new music and art. Maybe you use SNS and social media to communicate with friends. I do the same.

But sometimes we need to think about how much time we spend every day on the Internet. And maybe we should think about how much the Internet affects our lives.

There was a research report in 2018 that over 930,000 Japanese teenagers have serious trouble with the Internet. These teenagers cannot stop using the Internet and are always using it to check Instagram and YouTube. Many kids play cell phone games and they lose too much time.

This problem is a serious problem for teenagers who think that they cannot be happy without social media. But research also shows that over-using social media can have negative impact on teenager brains.

Maybe you will hear from your teacher or your mother or father, “Don’t use the Internet too much!” Maybe they tell you that you cannot use a cell phone outside your house. Maybe they tell you that cell phones are big trouble for you.

It is important to understand that your teacher and parents do not hate cell phones. They have cell phones too. But maybe they understand that too much cell phone activity can make trouble for you.

Too much cell phone use is expensive. You can lose a lot of money. Too much cell phone use is not good for your eyes. You may get damage to your eyes. Too much cell phone use is bad for your neck and your back. You will not stand straight and beautiful. Too much cell phone use in social media can make trouble with friends. You should be happy and have good communication with your friends.

It is very difficult to understand that life in your cell phone, and on the Internet, is not “real life”. It has many important things, and is good to communicate, and relax, but it is not real like nature is real. The Internet is not real like talking with a friend face to face is real. The Internet is not real like laughing with friends, or playing sports, or playing music, or drawing a picture, or walking outside, or playing with pets.

Life without Internet is sometimes better than life with Internet. You need to think about when to not touch your cell phone. You need to think about when to talk with people face to face. You need to think that it is better to look at the sky and sea is much better than looking at a very small screen on your cell phone. We should enjoy our cell phones, but we must live a good life.