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Best Days of My Life

2019 is ending soon. This year moved very quickly. Of course time has the same pace every year, but this year felt very fast. I am trying to think about what I did this year, and I have to think carefully about that. Time seems to move too fast.

It seems that when we think about December, and the end of the year we try to think all the things we did before that were good, or important or changed our lives. For me, I became 50 years old. That is a big number and it makes me think about my life, and what I should do from this time.

I have friends who are older who talk about the “best years of their life” that were before. They remember when they were younger. They remember their school life. They remember adventures and experiences before. Then they become quiet. Maybe they are sad. Maybe they think that the best part of life is finished for them.

I have other friends who think that the “best years of their life” are coming soon. They think that everything before was not so great, but if they try hard they can have a good experience that will come soon. Then they become quiet. Maybe they are worried. Maybe they think that the best part of life is not coming in the future.

I became 50 years old this year, and my daughter said to me, “Dad you are not 50. You are half. You are half because one day you will be one hundred years old. And 50 is half. So, you are half, and not 50.”

I like that. I hope I can be 100 years old one day. But I am glad to be 50 years old anyway.

So, how should we think about time? How should we think about what day is “best” for you and me. I don’t know the answer. But maybe we can learn something from nature. I think about this question when I go for a walk with my dogs. I have two dogs and they are very small dogs.

They are cute, but they are a little crazy too. When I look at my dogs I know that they do not worry about anything. They want to play. They want to run around. They want to eat dog snacks. And they want to walk outside. They do not worry about the past. They do not worry about the future. They just enjoy the time we have now.

I think I can learn something from my dogs. I don’t want to worry about the future. To worry about that is not healthy and has no benefit. I also don’t want to think that the “best days” of my life are before now. I want today to be good.

Because you are students you have a lot of pressure to think about the future. What do you want to be in the future? Where will you go to university? Where are you going to live? How much money will you make in the future? What kind of career can you get?

Those are good questions. And yes, of course you need to study hard and have a great future. But there is one more important question for you. This is the question, “How would you like to live? And how will you live so you can be happy?”

Part of being happy is to be satisfied with your life, and to be living actively each day. Every day should be “the best day”. Every morning should be “the best morning”. Now is the “best time of your life”. It is the best because you are alive in this moment. You have life, and friends, and good health, and freedom, and music, and books, and teachers, and hope. That is enough to make every day “your best day”. Live everyday. Love everyday. No regrets.

Have a great day.