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Everything is Dangerous

Don’t wear croc shoes on the escalator. You can get hurt. Your croc can get inside the escalator and it can pull off your leg. If that happens, you will lose a leg, and you might die. Crocs are dangerous. Escalators are dangerous.

Don’t touch any animals. They have insects. Those insects might bite you. You could get a very bad disease and then you might die. Animals are dangerous.

Don’t go outside. Outside is very dangerous. A tree could fall down and hit your head. That might kill you. A space rock could fall from space and hit you too. If you get hit by a space rock, you might die. Don’t go to the beach. The sea has sharks, and giant octopus, and scary jellyfish, and sea snakes. They will all try to eat you. The sea is too dangerous.

Don’t stay in your house. Inside your house is also dangerous. The microwave oven might give you cancer. Your gas stove might explode. If there is an earthquake your house will crush you. You would be as flat as a pancake. Your house is too dangerous.

Don’t talk to other people. People are dangerous. You might have an argument and then the other person gets angry. They might have a gun, or a knife, or some dangerous pets. They might attack you and you might die. People are dangerous.

As you can see, everything is dangerous. Life is too dangerous.

My mother thinks that Japan is too dangerous. She thinks that an earthquake will happen and I will die. She thinks a big tsunami will come and I will die. Maybe she thinks that Godzilla will come out of the sea and burn Takamatsu, and everyone here will die.

I don’t know. Maybe all those things can happen. Maybe I should worry about that.

Recently on the news we see a lot of talk about the corona virus. The virus looks very scary, and very dangerous on television. Many people have suffered from the corona virus and it is a very serious thing. Some people say you will die if you get the corona virus. Some people say that only the very old, or people who are sick, need to be very careful about the corona virus.

I don’t know about that, but I think maybe it is a good idea to be careful. Wash your hands, wear a mask for a few weeks, and stay far away from sick people. But it seems that the media would like everyone to be very worried. It seems that the media wants everyone to be very afraid of the scary corona virus. They show dark pictures of the virus. They play scary music. The reporters look very, very worried when they talk about the topic.

It is true that many things can be dangerous. The sea is dangerous, the mountains are dangerous, strange people are dangerous, your house might be dangerous, giant octopus, space rocks, crocs, and escalators too are all dangerous.

But maybe to be too afraid of everything is more dangerous. Maybe being so afraid to move, or think, or act, or react, is also very dangerous. Let’s not be too afraid to live and to be happy. Before we become too afraid, let’s get enough information so we know the best way to think about these things. Yes, the corona virus is serious, and please be safe. Just don’t become crazy with thinking that the world is too dangerous for us. Be safe, but be happy too.