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Black Lives Matter

If you are watching the news these days you will see that there is a lot of trouble in America. The trouble between white Americans and black Americans has a very long history. But the recent news is actually not so recent. In truth, this is very old news. Black people in America have had a very hard time to live in the United States. This trouble has continued for many years. Now we are seeing a lot of people in America, and in many other countries too, tell governments that we need to make some changes. They are telling the leaders that we need to make a better future. They are telling the leaders that the current conditions are not acceptable anymore.

The year is 2020. It seems so unbelievable that in our modern world we have such troubles between white people and black people. But this is not the only problem. It is not only with white people and black people. It is also with white people and Asian people. It is also with white people and Mexican people. It is also with white people and Indian people. It is also with white people and aboriginal people. In America, and Canada too, there is not complete equality between different groups of people. These things need to change.

The problem has a name. It is called racism. Racism is when one cultural group thinks they are more important than another cultural group. And even though America and Canada have many different racial groups in the same country there are some very big problems between these groups. Recently we see this more clearly with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Black Lives Matter movement is very important because it teaches the world that people need to be equal. Of course we can be different in many ways, but the value of human life must be the same for all humans. Humans have the same color of blood. We have the same shape in body. Most people have two legs and two arms. We all have eyes and ears. We all have fingers and toes. We all have noses. We have hearts. We all have hair and skin and teeth. We have many things that are the same for all humans.

As humans we also have the same feelings. All humans need to be safe. All humans need to have food and water. Humans need to have homes. We all need schools and education. We need to have music and art and sports. We all need to have a chance to work. We all need to have careers and a future. And we all need to have family too.

Humans need to have the same value as humans. We all should have the same chances to learn and to have success. We should all have the freedom to move, to travel, to write, to think, to create, and to make a dream.

Of course we can have many differences too. Different cultures can have different food, and music, and art, and stories. Different cultures may have different ideas, different feelings about nature, and different ways to think. Many cultures have unique and special languages and customs. But these differences are not dangers to us. These kinds of differences can be chances to learn and explore and to understand. Differences can be wonderful experiences. Differences can be our inspiration to travel and to see the world.

But at this moment in history, Black Lives Matter is showing that the situation is not fair and equal for black Americans. As humans we have a duty to work together and to make a world that is equal with all. We need equality and fairness. We need justice. We need to make changes together so that the racism that has been with us for so long can finally end. A better future is needed, and we need to make that together with ALL humans. As students we need to learn more about the problems of racism and we need to discuss how we can remove it from our world. It is the year 2020 and we need changes now. Let’s make some change.