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Eiken Season

Next week on Sunday many students in Kagawa will have the Eiken examination. Maybe you are one of them. I hope so. It is very important for you to have success in the Eiken examination and to try to take the test as often as you can. Studying for the Eiken examination is a lot of trouble, and it is not easy to pass, but it can help you a lot in the future.

Why do so many students have to study English? Maybe you are thinking about this question. Speaking English is not so easy. Studying English is not so fun. The grammar is difficult. The rules change often. The English of Australia is different from the English of America. The English of Scotland and Ireland is different from the English in Jamaica. The English of Canada is okay, but maybe it sounds very boring, and flat, and is not interesting to hear.

I am very sorry to tell you, but the most of the world speaks English or has English as a second language. England, New Zealand, America, Canada, many countries in the Caribbean, and Australia have English as their first language.

Many countries in Africa, like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa have English as a second language. India and the Philippines have a lot of English media and write their laws in English. Singapore, Pakistan, and countries all through South-East Asia have English as their official second language. More than half of the world uses English every day. English is a very important language between many countries. English is needed for travel to any place in the world.

But English is not only important to travel. English is not only important for a vacation to Europe or to do a homestay in another country. English is very, very important for many professional careers in Japan. I am lucky to have many friends in Kagawa who are doctors, business owners, and high level people in companies. Everyone needs English for their work. Many times they ask me to help check their documents and their writing. I am always happy to help them. Many professional people need to talk to other people in English about their work, or their research, or their business. English is the connection for many people in their careers.

But how about you? You are not a doctor? You are not a business owner? You are not going to an airport to travel to another country now? So, why do you need English?

That is an excellent question. I hope I can give you a good answer.

You are correct. You do not need English so much right now. You study Math and Science and Social Studies. English is only something in your textbook. But English is something that you will need to use more when you go to university. English is something you will need more when you have a job in a company. English is something you will need when you want to make a career. Many top level business people or career people can speak English. You need to join that group in the future.

So, you need English. You need to practice and prepare for the Eiken tests when you are a junior high and high school student. English skill and an Eiken kyu level can help you enter a university. English skills will help you in your future job, in your future company, in your future career.

Learning English is a long road. It is a long and hard and terrible experience. But you can do it. Here at Otemae you have the BEST English teachers in Kagawa. You must listen to them very carefully and work very hard in their classes. They can help you have a great future. So, please continue with English study. Never give up. Please try to get the next Eiken kyu level. If you can do it that is great. If you do fail, you must try again and again. You can do it!