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Corona Virus Numbers

The news today, and almost every day has information about the corona virus. The corona virus is a very scary thing. The corona virus can hurt, and kill, many people. So, we must be very careful every day to wear a mask, wash our hands, and to stay away from places where many people meet.

These habits are very new for us, but they are important habits to do so that we can all be healthy and safe. One day a corona virus vaccine will come and our lives will be more natural again. At this time we are in a very strange time, and a time when we all need to be careful.

The corona virus has made a deep impact on many countries around the world and it is very shocking in some cases. At this time, it is the United States that has the highest number of people who have the corona virus, and also the highest number of people who have died from the virus. The numbers are a little shocking.

In America, the number of people who have had the virus is over 3 million. In Japan the number is 19,775. America has 151 times the number of cases than Japan. In America, the number of people who have died from corona virus is 133,000 people. The number in Japan is 977. America has 133 times the number of corona deaths. These numbers are very shocking, and very important for us to think about as we continue forward in a world that is affected by the corona virus.

The first thing to remember is that Japan, compared to most countries in the world, is very safe. You are very lucky to be Japanese and to have a government that is very careful about people’s health and safety. These are very important things to remember. At this time, Japan has been very careful about people coming into the country. The airports in Japan are very quiet. The ships that come to Japan are checked very carefully. Doctors and hospitals all over Japan are working very hard to find solutions to the corona problem.

Europe and America are not good places to be right now. There are many places where people are not careful about safety and health in public places. There are many people who have the corona virus who are in parks, shopping malls, and schools. Many more people will probably become sick in America in the months to come. This is a very serious problem for America, but it is a problem that America must try to find a solution for. The rest of the world, countries like Japan and Canada, many European countries, and many other places around the world must find their own solutions.

It is an incredible thing that Japan has been able to very safe with the corona virus. While it is true that there are new corona cases in Tokyo, the rest of the country of Japan is quite stable. Hospitals are prepared. Doctors are prepared. Schools and many public places are also prepared. This is great. A lot of careful thinking, and cooperation, and working together is necessary. Many people are doing great things to help. We have good reason to hope for a positive and good result in the near future.

It is very important that we all work together to be safe. It is very important for everyone to remember to do some simple things so that we can endure the corona virus time. We need to wear masks. We need to wash our hands a lot. We need to stay home if we are sick. We need to keep social distancing with other people. We need to be flexible and to be understanding. But we can do all of these things together. The corona virus is a very scary thing, but we can work together. We can cooperate together. We can help each other and to think how we can be safer together. One day, the corona virus will be gone, but we will be here. We will be here all together. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay smart. Thank you very much, and have a great day.