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Who is the W.H.O.

Every day we watch the news on TV, or maybe we see news on the Internet. But every day we can see news from in Japan and also from around the world. Of course, the biggest news story in the world is the corona pandemic and our trouble with COVID 19.

How do we get our information about the corona virus? We get the best information from scientists who work with the W.H.O. The W.H.O. works with the United Nations and W.H.O. means, “World Health Organization”.

The W.H.O. is an organization that thinks that human health is very important. The W.H.O. was made in 1948. And World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7th. The W.H.O. has had many campaigns to fight very serious world diseases. They have worked hard to fight tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS, and Ebola.

And the W.H.O. also is very serious about other kinds of health troubles too. They do research and collect data on heart disease, cancer, and healthy eating. The W.H.O. is very serious about promoting healthy eating and good diets. They support clean water and clean environments. They study about healthy working and study places. Their goal is to make the most healthy places for all people.

And now they have a big challenge to fight the corona virus.

One very interesting fact about the W.H.O. is that one of the major supporters of the World Health Organization is Japan. I thought that was very interesting. America, the Bill Gates Association, The UK, and Germany are big supporters. And so is Japan.

Did you know that?

I think that maybe you did not know that your country is a very big and important supporter of W.H.O. That is a wonderful thing, and I hope you can be proud of the truth that your country and home believes very strongly in global health for all people.

To be healthy is a very important thing for all of us. You need to be healthy for your life and for your work. If you are not healthy, or have health trouble it is very difficult to do anything. What are some things that we can do to have a healthier life.

The W.H.O. has some information and suggestions about how you and I can have a healthy life. There are 12 key points.

1. Have a healthy breakfast every day. It is important to eat breakfast. A simple breakfast is okay, but it is important to give your body and brain some energy at the beginning of the day.
2. Try to not eat sugar and don’t drink too many sweet drinks.
3. Drink a lot of water. Water is something simple and it cleans out your body very well.
4. Take a short time to exercise every day. You don’t need to run or climb a mountain. A short walk every day is a good thing to do.
5. Stay away from the Internet for part of the day. Reduce your time with the small screen of a cell phone.
6. Learn something new when you have a chance. This will grow your brain and give you a new challenge to try. It is great for your health.
7. Do not smoke. Smoking is very, very bad for the body and it is also expensive too!
8. Sleep well every day. You need between 7 and 9 hours every day to rest and feel healthy.
9. Build your muscles. Do some light weight training and make your muscles strong.
10. Go outside for a few minutes every day. Look at the sky. Look at a tree. Nature can heal you.
11. Think about balance. Balance your study and free time. Balance your TV and outside time. Think about balance.
12. Be mindful. Think about how to be kind. Think about how to be a good friend. Think about other people

The W.H.O. is a very important organization in the world that gives a great support to people all over the planet. It is a wonderful organization in the United Nations and needs our support. We need to do our best to be healthy. We need to do our best to learn about how to keep a healthy lifestyle so that we can make good service to other peoples, and to have our own dreams and future happy, healthy, and bright.