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Top 12 Important Things in Life

What is a happy life? What are some important things in your life?

There are many things that are important for life. But what are the things that are the MOST important? What things do you think are important to have a happy life for you? It is a big question, and I have done some research on this question. Of course there are a lot of different answers we can find, but these are the top 12 things that psychologists and Internet experts tell us that are the most important things to have a happy life.

I will give you the top 12 items that experts say are important for your happiness.

Starting from number 12.

12. Sleep. If you do not have enough sleep you will be unhappy. You will have no energy. You cannot do all the important things you must do for your daily life. Sleep is important, but do NOT sleep in your classes here at Otemae. Sleeping in your class, especially English class is not good.

11. Food. If you do not eat food, you will die. Food is important for your life. Please eat food. But do not eat junk food. You need to eat rice, and fish, and vegetables. Please have a healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes ice cream is okay too.

10. Water. If you do not drink water, you will die. Water is necessary for fish, and it is necessary for humans too. The human body is over 60% of water, so please drink lots and lots of water.

9. Time. You need to manage your time. Time is very important. If you don’t have time, you don’t have anything. But you need time to do fun things, and you need time to do your homework. You need time for friends, and time to rest. You need time to dream and to make a plan for the future. Time is important.

8. Education. You need an education. If you do not have an education you cannot get a good job in the future. Of course Japan needs people to work at convenience stores, gas stands, and factories, but you are here at Otemae. So, your education is going to help you have a great job and wonderful career in the future. Please study hard, and please have a great success in your life.

7. Wellness. Wellness is the idea of a good balance for body and mind. You must take care of your body, and you must take care of your mind. If you have feelings that are mixed up, you need some time to organize your mind and to be safe and healthy in your life. Wellness is balance for living.

6. Passion. Passion is the fire in your heart. Passion is the feeling in your mind and body that you want to live fully every day. You need passion to fight, and to study, and to be successful. Any person who is successful in their life has a deep passion in their heart. Passion is important.

5. Purpose. Purpose is the answer to the question, “Why do you live?” Of course when you are a student it is difficult to know what you want to do for your whole life, but purpose for each day is important. Purpose can be something like to be a good friend, to try new things, to do your job each day, and to learn as best as you can. Purpose for each day, and purpose for the future too.

4. Love. Ah yes, love. And there are many kind of love we can experience in life. There is love in family, and for friends, and for partners. There is also love for animals and living things. There is love of learning and for dreams. And there is love in art, and music, and in many things that are new and mysterious. Love is important, and love can be very confusing too…

3. Friends. Life is very important but making good friends is important too. If you have friends today you are lucky. Enjoy your fiends and take care of them. If you do not have many friends now, do not worry too much. Friends come to our lives at different times. A good friend sometimes is as important as family, and sometimes even better.

2. Family. You can’t choose your family but they are important for your life. If you have a good connection with your parents that is great. If it is difficult, do not worry too much. One day you will grow older, find a partner, and make your own family. Family has many shapes and many different members. But family is important for a happy life.

1. And the number one item is Health. Health is the most important for a good life. Good health is the number one thing to make you happy. If you are healthy, you are lucky. Protect your health with good food, good sleep, good friends, good balance, good friends, and good art and music too. Take care of your body and your mind. You need them.

So, those are the top 12 things you need for a happy and healthy life. These things are important, but you are important too. Remember to take care of yourself, and be kind to other people. If you can do those two things life will be better, and full of passion and purpose too.