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The Eiken Examination

There are many things that you must study when you are a junior high or high school student. Every subject is important. Math, Science, Art, Music, Japanese Language, P.E., Home Economics, and your club activities give you a full education. Everything that you learn here at Otemae has important information that you need for your future.

Your classes give you the core information that you need but English is the class that helps you in a very unique and special way.

English is used in 94 countries around the world but Japanese is used only in Japan, well… maybe Hawaii too. If you have great skill in computers or science, that is great. But if you have only Japanese as your language you can use your skills only in Japan and do your work only in Japanese. But, if you have computer skill, or math skill, or art or music talent, or have skill in cooking or business or sports and ALSO have English, you can go anywhere in the world. Also, you can talk to anyone in the world who comes to Japan too.

English opens many doors all over the world.

Of course you must have strong skills in Science and Math and Art, or anything you like. That is the core of your talent. English is only the key and it is a way to multiply your abilities all over the world, and here in Japan too.

Otemae is very strong in its English program. Otemae has a great success in helping students get good scores on the Eiken examinations. Maybe you know about the Eiken tests. I will tell you a few more things about Eiken.

Eiken is accepted by hundreds of universities and colleges around the world. It is possible to use Eiken to get into many colleges or universities around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and America. Eiken is also very important for many companies here in Japan too.

Many companies in Japan want their new staff to have good English skills. Many companies have connections to foreign countries, and as a result, want their staff to have a good ability in the English language.

Recently, the Eiken examination is becoming more and more popular with companies and universities. So, you will need to find a way to work hard and to get a good Eiken level. It is not so easy, and it needs time and hard study, but you can do it. If you can get an Eiken Pre-1, or Eiken 1 before you are finished your university study, so about 22 years old, that is a very good idea.

What that means is that from this day until you are 22 years old it is important for you to study English hard. You will need to try to learn more English every day. Maybe you feel you cannot do it. I do not agree. You can do it. Of course you can do it.

Imagine that from today you want to learn how to play the piano. The goal is to be a good piano player. If you are 13 years old you have 9 years to become a good piano player. If you are 16 you have 6 years. If you are 17, you have only 5 years. But, if you started piano today and practiced every day for 5 years, you WILL be a good piano player. Of course you will.

You need to think about English study the same as music study. Do it every day. Look at your textbooks every day. Plan on taking the Eiken examinations. Talk to your expert English teachers here at Otemae. You will become experts at English. You can do it. I know it.

Eiken is the key to your future. Come and get your key.