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A Day for Tea

Did you know that April 21st is the National Tea Day in England? I did not know that. But, I used the Internet and I discovered that tomorrow is a special day in England. Tea is a very popular drink in England and many people enjoy the culture of tea.

The British usually have a tea time in the afternoon. It is a time to talk, share news and information, and to enjoy sandwiches too. Some British tea is very fancy, with many kinds of cakes and snacks, but most tea time is very simple.

Tea is a very popular drink around the world. In fat, every day 3.7 BILLION cups of tea are enjoyed by people in almost every country.

Tea has many health benefits. Tea has something called “polyphenols”, and these “polyphenols” help the body stay healthy. Polyphenols can slow down dangerous disease. Some people think that only green tea is good for the body, but this is not true. Black tea, white tea, and red tea are also very healthy for people too.

There are many interesting stories and facts about tea.

While hot tea is more popular in Britain, and green tea is popular in Japan, iced tea is very, very popular in America. The American people drink almost 50 billion glasses of iced tea every year. That is a lot of tea.

But there is something very unique about the culture of tea in Japan. Only Japan has a tea ceremony. Only Japan has a deep and long history of how to prepare tea, welcome guests for tea, and a system for how to enjoy and understand tea as art and culture.

Long ago, the tea ceremony was only for men. From the Edo Period women could join in the tea ceremony. And for many years, only very rich people could have tea and tea ceremony. The Japanese tea ceremony is very unique. Many things are carefully designed for each tea ceremony. Each season also has a different style. There are different cups and tools that are used. There are different kinds of flowers to use. The style and shape of the room for tea ceremony is also very important.

There are many things about the Japanese tea ceremony that I do not know. But as a Canadian, I am very interested in Japanese culture and tradition. I have learned from friends that there are many things to do in traditional tea ceremony and many small details to arrange. I think that sounds very interesting but I am also worried if I make a mistake in a tea ceremony. I don’t want to make any kind of trouble.

When I told my friend about my worry that I might make a mistake in the tea ceremony he said to me that I don’t have to worry about that. I learned that the tea ceremony has some part about doing things carefully and properly, but also that tea is a time to make a connection with other people.

The tea ceremony is a special time between people to make a human connection, to be honest, and to feel something unique and interesting. Sometimes it is difficult to explain how I feel after a tea ceremony, but I know that I like it. It is calm and interesting, and I feel that something natural and beautiful is happening. I am looking forward to the next time I can have tea with friends.

I am very glad to learn that tea ceremony is something that is enjoyed at Otemae. It is a wonderful and important part of your culture. It might also be a time to be with new friends and to feel a good connection too.

Having tea time with friends can be a wonderful experience. We are all very busy in study and in our jobs, but sometimes to slow down our pace, and to have a tea together can be important for healing, and making good human connections too.