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When Our Neighbors Have Trouble

In the news last week there was a terrible attack in America. One man entered a bar in Orlando, Florida and killed 50 people with a machine gun. It is a very shocking and very terrible thing. So many young people died in a terrible way. They were so afraid. They were much too young. This terrible crime hurt many people. We cannot understand the hate. We cannot understand this violence. It is a thing that is so wrong. It is a thing that is so dark. We have no answer to the question, why?

America is a country of many great things. I am from Canada and you are from Japan. We are the neighbors of America. We see great American movies. We read many great American books. We listen to American music. We wear American fashions. We drive American cars. We use American technology. We admire many things about America.

It is true that they have a lot of pride, but America also has made some very interesting things. There are a lot of good things that come from America to the whole world.

But we also know that there are some big problems in America. This last problem with guns in America is a serious thing. Why do so many people have guns? Why is there so much gun violence in America? Why do people reach for a gun when they have a problem? Why does America seem so unsafe?

The answer to this very big problem will not be easy. It is a unique American problem and it needs an American answer. Canada and Japan are neighbors to America. What can we do to help our neighbor when there is trouble? It is easy to point our finger and say, “It is YOUR problem. It is not OUR problem.” That is too easy. That is too simple. Maybe we should think about what our countries can do to support and help our neighbors in America.

You and I are only a few people. Maybe it feels like we cannot do so much for a country that is so big, like America. But there are things that we can do to be good neighbors to people around us. We can be good friends to the people who live near our homes. We can be good neighbors to people we meet on the bus, or on the train, or in the supermarket. We can be good neighbors and help old people who live nearby. We can be good neighbors and help keep our community clean and safe. We can be good neighbors by saying, “Good morning. How are you? I am glad to see you.” to the people we meet.

A good action, a positive action, or a action that supports and helps other people is how we start. We are kind and helpful to the people we know. Then we help the people near us who live in our town and city. Then we help people in our prefecture and region. Then we help the people in our countries. Then we can work together to help other people around the world.

Being a good neighbor starts at home, but it can be something that can move all over the world. Changes come slow, and they take time, but we cannot move forward or help others without a positive helpful feeling. This is the start of showing our neighbors that there is a better way to live. There is a safer way to live. There is a way to live and be free that has NO guns. We need America to look over at Japan and Canada for some good example. You and I will make that example and hope that we can bring a good thing to our neighbors.

Let’s be good neighbors.