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These days it is very easy to see that Youtube is a big part of our culture. This is true in Japan and in Canada and all over the world. Youtube is everywhere. Sometimes I think this is great. There is so much content, so many things to see and learn, so many ways that we can access the world. Youtube must be wonderful. But then, I see that bad side of Youtube. There are so many bad channels, terrible performers, too much advertisement, and boring content.

Maybe a few years ago we thought that a Youtube “influencer” was an important person. But, after some time we all learned that an “influencer” is not so great. Some “influencers” get money from companies. Some “influencers” are not really good people, not really interesting people, and not very creative people.

But then on Youtube we also find some very creative people too. Some great Youtube channels have new singers, and new music, new animation, new ideas, and new content. So, maybe the truth is that Youtube is not good or bad. Youtube is just Youtube.

We can have good books and bad books. We can have good magazines and bad magazines. We have great music and terrible music. We have interesting art and we have boring art. Youtube is just like a book, just like a magazine, just like music or art. Youtube is just a way to express ideas.

So, if you want to be in the Youtube world, what is important? We know that being an “influencer” is not important. But we do learn that being a “creative” person is important. We also know that the main power of a creative person is the magic of imagination.

Imagination is the engine to make creative things. Imagination is the part of your brain that expresses interesting ideas, and can find solutions to difficult problems. But how do we grow our imagination? How do we develop a sense of imagination?

Experts in art teach us a few things about how we can grow a mind of imagination. Here are their ideas.

Number One: Turn off the TV and turn off Youtube. Watching a screen is not an active thing. Watching a screen does not give you motivation. You need to break the connection to a screen world and use your mind for some other hobbies. This will break bad patterns too.

Number Two: Try to do nothing. Sit. Be quiet. Don’t move. Sitting in a silent way for a few minutes a day will help reset your brain. Just relax and close your eyes. And do nothing for a few minutes.

Number Three: Read something creative. Read a novel. Read history. Read a story. Read about art or science or music. Read words on the page. No comic books. Just read for a few minutes every day.

Number Four: Listen to music that has no words. Find music like classical, jazz, guitar, or something different to let your brain relax. No hiphop or rap. Just music. Pure, clean music with no words. Do that for a few minutes every day.

Number Five: Start a new hobby. Write something on paper. Play the piano. Make some art. Build something with wood. Take care of a pet. These are all things that will get your brain to start thinking creatively.

Number Six: Lastly, take some time to walk outside in nature. Look at some trees, look at the sky, look at the water. Be quiet and just listen. We can get a lot of healing and good feelings from nature.

After doing these simple things your brain is not connected to a screen. Your mind is cleaner and clearer. Now think about what kind of things you would like to make. Do you like science? You should do science? Do you like art? You should do art. Do you like music or fashion or math or language or sports or computers? You should do those things.

Once you choose a place that you want to be creative you can start to think about how you want to learn and what you want to share with other people. You can now begin to be a creative person. You will feel lighter in your mind. You will laugh easily. You will be comfortable and calm. Your imagination will begin to flow and move, like water.

Keep your mind free from noise and screens and you will be free. Your mind will be free and your imagination will grow. All of you will be free.

And that is the most important thing of all.