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Maybe Fall is the Best Season

Many of my Japanese friends say, “Japan is so great because Japan has four seasons.” I understand the meaning of this expression. What many people like in Japan is that Japan has four seasons that are all equal in time. Basically, there are three months for winter, three months for spring, three months for summer, and three months for fall. Japan has four seasons. But to say it clearest we might say, “Japan has four equal seasons.”

In my hometown in Canada, in a cold northern city called, Edmonton, there are no equal seasons. Spring in Canada is three months, summer is three months, autumn is one month, and winter is five very long cold months. The seasons are very imbalanced. So, for me, when I came to live in Japan I was very happy to live in a country that had four equal beautiful seasons.

So, which season do you think is the best season? That is a difficult question. Maybe you think that summer is best because you have no school and can have a long vacation. I think that is very reasonable. For lots of students summer is the best season.

But before you decide that summer is your best season I want to talk about why maybe fall is a little better than summer. I have a few reasons for my opinion.

First, fall is not so hot like summer. In the morning I wake up and I am not sweating. I feel calm and cool. It is not so cold like winter for a jacket or hat, but the air is very comfortable.

Second, fall has beautiful colors in the mountains and trees. It is true that spring has so many bright colors like pink and white and green. But fall has deep yellows, oranges, and reds. The hills and mountains are full of great colors.

Third, fall has a lot of delicious food. The rice is gathered from the fields, vegetables are fresh, and seafood like crab is very good. Fall is a good time for cooking and to make soups. The food in fall is really delicious.

Fourth, fall gives us a lot of energy. Summer is very hot so it is difficult to move too much. Your body feels so heavy and sweaty. It can be difficult to breathe on a very hot day. Winter is too cold to move too. You want to stay under your kotatsu at home and you feel so sleepy. Fall is perfect because it is not too hot and not too cold. It is just right.

These are the reasons why I think that fall might be the best season of all.

Fall is also a good time of the year for students at Otemae too. We are now in the middle of the school year. You had some tests recently. How did you do? Did you have a lot of good scores on your tests? Or, did you have some trouble with some of your classes?

If you had good results on your tests that is wonderful. Congratulations and please continue doing the same things and continue the same study style. But, if you feel like you might need to make some changes to your study style, and your study habits, this is a good time to make changes too. Maybe your test scores were very bad. Don’t worry too much. More tests are coming soon so now is the time to put your fall season energy into your studies. If you do not know what to do, you should talk with your teachers and get some advice.

Fall is the season of change. A change in trees. A change in seasons. A change for you too, if you want a change, or if you need a change.

In English when a leaf changes from green to yellow or red or orange we say, “The leaves turn colors”. I like this expression. The leaves change colors, or the leaves turn colors. We can change, and we can turn, just like leaves. So, if you feel you need a change you can turn a new direction too. Turn right or turn left. You can decide your own direction. And you can decide your own changes too.

Maybe that is also why fall is maybe the best season of all.