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A Strong Heart

Many people would like to be strong. That is a very natural feeling. Everyone I know would like to be strong, and to not be weak. This is something that is true in Japan, and it is true in my country of Canada, and true all over the world. To be strong in body and heart is something that everyone wants to have.

But how do we have a strong heart? How do we have a strong human spirit?

That is a very important question and we should talk about it. A very important doctor named Amy Morin did some research about this question and this is her report.

One: People with a strong heart have a balance inside. They have feelings and they have clear thinking. It is important to have both, but also it is important to have an equal balance with feeling and thinking.

Two: People with a strong heart are always working in a positive way. They do not make excuse or complain. Strong-hearted people work very hard and do not waste time with activities that do not make progress.

Three: People with a strong heart do not become too nervous about change. Change is a natural part of the universe and we need to have change for everything that is in the world.

Four: People with a strong heart are afraid sometimes, but they work hard to fight something that makes them feel bad. They do not run away or escape from scary things.

Five: People with strong hearts make mistakes. But when they make a mistake they think about it as a good chance to learn a new thing.

Six: People with a strong heart work very hard to develop good skills. They do not want to show their skills to everyone. They are quiet and careful. Maybe they are also a little shy.

Seven: People with a strong heart have trouble. When a person has a hard experience they can complain and be sad. But a hard experience is also a chance to learn something and to grow and to become stronger too.

Eight: People with a strong heart are okay if they have a failure. From a failure we have a great chance to learn many new things and to make changes. If we can have a failure, even if it is so difficult to feel, it is also a great chance to grow our heart and to be stronger.

Nine: People with a strong heart are positive in their thinking. A positive feeling will help you make a clear path in the future.

Ten: People with a strong heart can say “Thank you” to other people. If you can show a thankful heart to the world that is not a weak thing. To have a thankful heart is to be strong and to make good human connections.

Growing a strong heart takes a long time. Many people around you have a hard time to make their lives positive and good. Your teachers have the same feelings too. Another thing we know about people who have a strong heart is that they are good friends. A good friend will celebrate with you when you have good news. They have a strong heart and want you to have a strong heart too.

Let’s do everything we can to help our friends be strong too. Let’s grow strong hearts so we can help each other and make good changes in the world.