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School Life and Learning for Life

I can remember a long time ago when I was a junior high school student. I remember that I would ride my bicycle to school and sit with friends. We had a lot of books to read and reports to write. We had many tests and projects too. I do not remember enjoying my junior high school life. Every day seemed so boring to me. I did not like my teachers so much, and my teacher for French class was very scary.

Many people think that school is the only place to learn something. We are told that if we go to school we can become intelligent, and go to a good university in the future. That is true. You must go to school and become intelligent and you must also go to a good university. Otemae is a school that is very serious about your future, and your parents all understand that the education here is the best in Takamatsu.

But sometimes studying in the classroom is not so fun. Sometimes maybe your mind is sleepy and you are thinking about something different. The teacher is talking and talking and talking but your brain is not there. Your mind and heart are not there. You are dreaming of another place.

I think that this is very usual, but your brain is still probably interested in learning about different things. Our human nature is always trying to grow, and understand, and develop. There are a lot of different places to get information and education. The classroom is very important but there are books, magazines, newspapers, websites, articles, videos, documentaries, and all kinds of art and music that educate our minds as well.

For me, I am interested in learning all kinds of different facts about the world. I like science, and biology, and stories, and history. I think that I am always a student. Let me share some interesting things that I learned just this week.

Did you know that horses and cows sleep when they are standing?
Did you know that elephants are the only animal that cannot jump?
Did you know that pineapples grow two or three years before people eat them?
Did you know that your brain is about 75% water?
Did you know that about 1,000,000 Earths could fit inside the sun?

These are just a few interesting facts that you can learn about when you become interested in getting information. Perhaps we should also think about education as something that we do for a whole life.

Of course you must go to junior high school and then after that you must go to high school. When you complete high school you will then need to go to university. University study is another four years. That seems like a long, long time. Don’t worry. The time will move very quickly and in just a few years you will be leaving Otemae for your university. When you get to university you will have a life that is very enjoyable and important. Those four years will go by very fast.

Maybe the purpose of the school is to help you develop great study habits. Most students at Otemae have a lot of homework to do. There are a lot of tests and reports and projects. All of these activities help you learn the best way to study and to do work. You are being trained to have a great brain and a good way to finish all your jobs. You are learning, not just data, but how to learn. You are learning not only math, but how to think mathematically. You are learning language and art, not to master vocabulary but to learn how to think creatively and with good expression.

It is a good time to be a student at Otemae. The study here is really great. And the teachers and students are great too. This week you will have a special time for Homecoming Day. Enjoy this time with friends, have fun, and make wonderful memories.