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Building Your Confidence

Most people do not like their own face. Most people do not like their own voice, or their own hair, or the shape of their body. Most people think that their nose is a strange shape. Most people do not like their own ears or their skin or their feet. Most people do not think very positively about their own body.

How about you?

Do you like your own face and voice and hair and shape?

If you say, “I don’t like my face, or hair, or shape, or voice” you are the same as 95% of the world. Most people think badly about their own body and shape. Why is that so? Is it true that 95% of the people in the world are not beautiful? Is it true that 95% of the world is ugly and strange?

I don’t think so. Maybe you do not think so too. So, why do many people think bad things about their own bodies and faces?

Maybe they do not have confidence. Maybe someone said a bad thing to them. Maybe they are shy.

I think we should talk about this problem. It is very important to have confidence for your life. It is very important that you should like your own face and your own voice and your own body. Those things are your things. You are the owner of your beautiful or handsome face. You are the owner of your own great voice and your own cool body.

Let’s talk about some good ways for you to reverse the negative feelings you might have. Let’s talk about some techniques you can use to give yourself confidence.

One: Take more time to have a bath. Take more time to comb your hair. Take more time to brush your teeth and wash your face. A few extra minutes looking in the mirror to take care of your own face will make you feel much better. Try it.

Two: If you can, try to wear something nice after you go home from school. When you take off your uniform, try to wear a shirt that you like. If you have clothes you like, you should wear those clothes.

Three: If you have a negative feeling about yourself, you should stop that feeling. If you say, “Oh my hair is so crazy” or “My skin is not good” or “My nose is so strange”. You must stop that. You cannot change many things. But you can also say, “I am a good friend to my friends” or “I am good at sports” or “I know a lot about music” or “I am good at drawing pictures” or “I know how to cook something delicious.” There are many, many great things about you. So, when you feel something negative, say a good thing to yourself. For every bad thing you say about yourself, I want you to think of three things that are wonderful about you.

Four: Learn more about your own mind. Take time to understand if you are a quiet person or a noisy person. Are you a person who likes to laugh? Are you a person who has a strong personality? Are you a person who wants to be friends with everyone? Are you a person who is interested in science, or art, or computers, or stories, or performance? Are you a person who is easy to become angry, easy to become sad, or easy to become quiet? When you understand more about your style, you will learn to accept and love yourself better.

Five: If possible, try to stand straight. If you can stand straight up you will feel better. If you are a tall person, be tall. If you are a short person, be short. Stretch your back and shoulders and stand straight. You will really feel better. It is hard sometimes to stand straight because we use computers and tablets, and have to study a lot, but stand straight for a few minutes and you will feel great.

There are many more techniques you can use to feel positive, and to build confidence. But the most important thing is to remember that you are important, you are needed by someone and you are loved by someone. You are interesting. You are important. You are handsome and you are beautiful. You are smart and clever and able to do so many things.

Every morning, before you come to school, please tell yourself these things.

Lastly, you should tell yourself that you are important and necessary, not because you want a technique to feel goo, but because it is the truth. You are important. You are necessary.

Thank you very much for listening. Have a great day and remember how special you are.