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Peace and War: Love and Hate

You may be seeing some terrible things on the news this week. The photos and videos are very shocking and terrible. This week we saw terrorists attack Israel. There were many young people at a music festival and suddenly the area was attacked by men with guns. Many people were killed and many terrible things happened from then.

The area of Israel and Palestine has a long history of violence and war. The violence between Palestine and Israel is not new. It is an old problem that has a lot of hate. The Palestinian people hate Israel, and Israel people hate the people in Palestine. The hate they have is one that goes back many years, back through parents, back through grandparents, and back through great-grandparents.

There seems to be no solution coming soon. And now we will see Israel attack Palestine with more violence, and more and more people will be hurt and killed. It is an endless cycle that does not stop.

But Palestine and Israel are only one part of the world. We still have a war with Russia and Ukraine. That is also a war of hate of Russia on Ukraine. The hate of Israel and Palestine is the same feeling of hate from Russia. They all have the same root problem, the same root feeling and reaction.

And how about Japan? We are lucky to live in a place that is an island country. We can live here in your beautiful country, and live free. These are lucky days.

But maybe we should also think that our lucky days may stop sometime in the future. Japan is a safe country, but are we safe from some of the countries nearby? We need to talk and keep peace, and discuss, and make friendships with everyone in the world. We need to always talk with our neighbors so they know us, and we can know them. But we also need to be safe and prepared to protect our homes and families too.

Propaganda is very powerful in some of the countries around Japan. Sometimes a bad leader in one of those countries may want to behave like Palestine, Israel, or Russia. I hope we can keep peace, but also prepare to keep our homes protected and safe too. We should trust as much as we can, but we will also need to be ready to fight if trouble comes our way.

When we think about these problems, all the problems of hate, how can we make our own lives better? We need to understand our own hearts? We need to understand our own feelings? Do you sometimes feel angry? Do you sometimes feel hate? Sometimes we need to be angry, and there are some terrible things that we hate. But we must not let our feelings control us. We need to control our feelings, and control our thoughts, and control our actions.

Hate is a powerful reaction. It can be used to fight something that is wrong, or bad. But too much hate, and living with hate in your heart is not good for you. Hate is like a poison for you. Hate is like a cancer for the mind.

We all have trouble with other people. We all have things that make us angry. So we also need to think about how to live with reactions and emotions. We need to use our brains and trust in our hearts to find truth and balance and the best way to move forward.

Let’s not use hate to fight anyone. Instead, let’s use our intellect and our wisdom in reading history to know what we need to do to protect this country and keep peace both at home, and all over the world. One day, this country, the future of Japan, and all the dreams of your parents and grandparents will be yours to keep safe.

Be smart. Be calm. Read history. Think clearly without hate in your heart.