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Fun Holidays

Every month we look for the days that are special. Every month has a holiday, or a day off, or a day that has meaning for the country. For example, in January we have “Shogatsu” and “Coming of Age Day” for people who become twenty. In February we have the Emperor’s birthday, and in April we have “Showa Day”. In May we have Golden Week, and in August we have “Mountain Day”. October has “Sports Day” and next month in November, we will have “Culture Day”.

Maybe you like holidays. I love holidays. I love to have a day off from work, and I like to enjoy a new schedule too. Maybe you feel the same way. But sometimes these holidays are the same every year and they do not seem so interesting. I’m happy to have a free day, and I think you have the same feeling, but don’t you think we could add a few more fun vacation days to the year?

Did you know that around the world there are many fun and crazy holidays that people can enjoy. Let me share some of them with you.

January 3rd, in some places has the “Festival of Sleep”. Maybe this day is good to rest during a long winter vacation. I think I will celebrate sleeping more on January 3rd, next year.

In February, on the 4th, some people celebrate the “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day”. I don’t think that this is a great idea. You should eat a good healthy breakfast every day. Maybe a little ice cream on hotcakes might be nice. Let’s try that next year.

March has a great holiday on the 19th, called, “Let’s Laugh Day”. I think that is a great idea. It is a day to watch comedy, to tell jokes, or to just enjoy time with friends. Maybe every day should make time to laugh with friends. I could support that idea.

April 17 is “International Haiku Day”. That sounds like fun, and maybe easy for Japanese people to do. Some people like to make a haiku in English. Sometimes it sounds nice, but sometimes it also sounds a little strange.

May 10th has a day that maybe is not so popular for students. It is called, “Clean Up Your Room Day”. But this is a day not only for students. I think I need to clean my room too.

There are many more special holidays throughout the whole year. June 18th is “International Picnic Day”. July 30th is “National Cheesecake Day”. August 3rd is “Watermelon Day”. September 6th has “Read a Book Day”. October 1st is “International Coffee Day”. November 6th is “Saxophone Day”. And finally, in December we have “Thank You Note Day” where we all can write a thank you note or memo to friends and people who help us.

I like all these crazy holidays. I think I want to celebrate and enjoy more and more of them.

So many of our holidays are very important. They are often days that have a heavy meaning or message. We remember the times we have war, or have peace. We remember to appreciate nature and people around us, and that is important and good.

But we also need time to feel light in our hearts too. We need days like “Monkey Day” on December 14th, and “Mario Day on March 10th, and “Best Friends Day” for June 8th. We need fun holidays to make us happy, to enjoy our lives, and to enjoy friends and family too.

Life is very hard sometimes, and there is a lot of pressure and trouble that we have. So, when you are feeling a little blue or unhappy, find out what crazy holiday is coming soon and make some changes. Celebrate something that makes your life more fun, more interesting, and gives you a feeling that is light and cheerful.