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Inventions for the Future

I am always interested to know what kinds of inventions are made. Our world is full of technology and computers. Companies and universities are places where wonderful new things are made. Our world twenty years ago is very different than today. Technology is everywhere.

But we also have many problems in the world. There are hungry people all over the world. We have problems with disease. There is war in several countries. Our environment has a lot of trouble. There are many people who have no hope for the future.

Many people say that our world will not change. Some people say that young people today are no good. Some people may say that teenagers cannot make a good future because they do not work hard, they do not study hard, and they do not care about anything. But this idea is not true at all. There are some very interesting and important inventions that young people have made to make a better world.

In California an 18 year old high school student named Eesha Khare made a battery that can be recharged in 20 seconds. She is a genius about batteries. Her invention is a powerful thing for cars, trucks, cell phones, computers, and everything that uses batteries. It is an amazing invention.

In Holland, a 19 year old young man, named Boyan Slat, invented a system that takes plastic garbage out of the oceans. His invention can save many fish, and keep the water clean for ocean animals. The plastic he gets out of the ocean is recycled and money he gets from recycling supports his invention.

In Africa, an 18 year old student named Myla Swallow made a system to make water clean for babies to use. Her invention saves thousands of babies every year.

In Egypt, a 16 year old student named Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad made a system to change plastic into biofuel. This biofuel is like a gasoline and can be used for engines. She is an amazing young scientist.

In New Mexico, a 16 year old student named Raquel Redshirt invented a solar powered oven. Now people who cannot pay for electricity can cook. Her invention helps millions of people who are poor.

These teenage inventors are amazing people who want to use science to help other people. They are young and they are students but they can do a lot to help the earth. We have a lot of technology in our lives, but sometimes we do not think about some of the problems we have in the world. These teenage inventors used many simple materials to make important machines to help people and to help the earth.

Here at Otemae you have many Science classes, Math classes, and Physics classes. These are the basic tools and information you can use to make the next important inventions for the world. Do you see a problem that you think we can fix with science? Is there something that you would like to try? You may be young, but you can have imagination and passion to make our world better.