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Your Country is Your Choice

These days in America we see a lot of news about the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It is a very important time for Americans to think about their future. It is a time when America must choose a president to be their next leader. I am from Canada and you are from Japan. Why do we watch what is happening in America?

America is very far away. They have many troubles and problems. The trouble in America is not Japan’s trouble. The trouble in America is not Canada’s trouble. Why do we care about who is the next leader in America?

The reason we worry about who is the next leader in America is because the United States has power all over the world. Of course they have many things that we like and enjoy, but they also have a lot of economic and military power too. We are the neighbou
rs to America, both Japan and Canada, so we have to worry about what they will do. Will they make trouble that will affect us, and if they do, what do we do next?

Right now America must choose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be their leader. It is the duty of Americans to think about their country and the future of their country and choose one of them. This is the time that they vote.

Voting for our leaders is a very important activity. We have a very rare and unique opportunity to choose our leaders so when we have the chance we must think about many things. What things would you like to change for Japan? What kind of future do you want for your country? Is it important for Japan to have a strong economy? Is it important for Japan to have a strong army to protect against dangerous neighbours? What should Japan do for education? What should Japan do for space study, for art, for old people, and for helping the poor?

In the future you will get to choose your leaders. You will get to choose the government you like, and the way they should work for you. Sometimes it is very difficult to know who you should choose to be the leader.

Because of this, it is very important for you to read. You need to read books about history. You need to read about geography and science. You need to read the newspaper and to know more about the world. You need to understand economics and politics. There are many things that you need to learn and study so that you can choose good leaders in the future.

Now you are teenagers and you cannot choose your government easily. But one day, everything is yours. The Japan of today will be your Japan of tomorrow. Everything that your leaders, teachers, and parents have will come to you. At that time you will have the great freedom and great responsibility to decide how your country should be. Voting is a very important responsibility.

I believe you will make good choices. I believe you will do the right thing and make good leaders. The future is yours so please read as much as you can so that everything about your future will be good, and safe, and beautiful.