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Today is November the 16th. To you, and to many people this is just a regular day. Today is a normal day. Today is not a special day at all. But today, November the 16th is important because it is on the day that UNESCO was formed.

Do you know about UNESCO? Do you know the meaning of UNESCO? Maybe you heard about the group before. I hope it is okay if I tell you a few things about UNESCO. UNESCO is a word six letters, U,N,E,S,C and O. Each letter has a meaning.

U,N, and E mean, “United Nations Educational”, and S,C, and O mean “Scientific, Cultural, Organization”. UNESCO is a very important organization and it has power to touch many places around the world.

UNESCO was made on November 16th, 1945. That was 71 years ago. The work that UNESCO started long ago was very important, and the work that they do today is also very important as well. Please let me tell you a few things about UNESCO.

UNESCO has a policy of growing peace all over the world. Peace is made through education, international cooperation, and a respect for culture and justice. UNESCO is supported by 195 countries all over the world. UNESCO believes in freedom of the media, world literature, international science programs, cultural history projects, and keeping a conversation between different countries through education.

UNESCO works with countries around the world to protect World Heritage Sites. Today there are UNESCO World Heritage sites all over the world, and even now the Ohenro 88 Temple Route is being considered to be a new UNESCO heritage site.

UNESCO promotes education all over the world, protects cultural items and cultural places, helps the free flow of ideas in the media, supports peace, and gives money to places that support culture and history. UNESCO has many organizations inside that do many things. There are groups inside UNESCO that work with television and media, theatre and art, water safety and education, peace education, and anti-violence programs and education.

These days in the news we see a lot of violence and hate. We see a lot of trouble, and we see a lot of people who believe that education is not important and that reading is not important. UNESCO is an organization in the United Nations that will help keep our world educated and intelligent. There are many wonderful things about UNESCO and I hope that when you are older you can find ways to get connected to these great programs.

You are Otemae students, and here at your school education, science, peace, and harmony are all very important things that you learn and study about every day. UNESCO is an organization that is very close to the education and training that you get here at Otemae, and there are many things that are in common.