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Eiken: You Need It

The topic of this speech is very clear. You need Eiken. You need to learn more English. You need to learn more about the Eiken test. You need to go step by step up the ranks of Eiken. You have no choice. You must do it. You need Eiken.

The next Eiken test season is coming at the end of January. I want to know, “Are you going to take the next Eiken test?” I think that you should. I think that you should take the Eiken test often and even if you fail the test you should try and try again.

Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t like English. I really don’t like English. I do not need English. I am not going to do the Eiken test.” If you are thinking this, that is okay. It is okay if you do not like English. It is okay if you really do not like English. It is even okay if you hate to study English. But, you still need English. You will still need to study English and you will surely have a job in the future where you need to know more English. In this case, English is like medicine. It tastes very bad, but it is important for your health. English is like medicine to have a healthy future. You must take the medicine. You must take English.

More and more English study is becoming important in school life. It is becoming more important in university studies too. English is becoming more important in life after university. Many companies, many careers, and many businesses will ask you, “What is your Eiken grade? Do you have 1-kyu? Do you have Pre 1-kyu?” If you have a strong Eiken grade, many companies and businesses want to talk with you. You can use your Eiken grade to go higher in a job or career that you like.

Maybe twenty years ago, if you studied English or not, both might be okay. But that was a long time ago. Japan today is very different than before. Most careers need you to have strong English communication skills, strong writing skills, strong listening skills, and strong reading skills. Eiken can open many doors for you. It is difficult to see that future now. But please believe your parents and your teachers. Eiken is necessary.

Maybe your English level is not good today. Maybe you do not have your 5-kyu in Eiken. That is no problem. Why don’t you try it the next time Eiken tests are possible? It is no problem to start at the very beginning. If you study hard for a few weeks, and if you review the Eiken textbooks, and if you talk to your excellent English teachers here at Otemae, you can pass that test. You can crush that first Eiken test. When you crush that test you feel good and strong. Then you can attack the next Eiken test. Get the textbooks, review and review, and challenge the test. You can do it. English study is not difficult. English study only needs your time and continual pushing forward. You can surely do it.

Here at Otemae you know how to study all subjects. You know how to play sports and to “be a challenger”. You can play music. You can play soccer. You can play baseball. You can do a dance performance. You can understand science and math. There are many things you can do. English is only one more thing. Your mind is strong. Your spirit is strong. You can do Eiken. And for a bright future you will need to go through the Eiken levels to the top.

Don’t wait. Talk to your English teachers as soon as possible about when and where you can take the next Eiken examination.