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History Is Great

History is the great story of our world. The study of history is very important for us to understand our world, to understand our own country, to understand our society, to understand human feeling, and to understand how to live in peace. If we do not study history it is very possible we will make the same mistakes people did long ago.

The study of history is also the study of science and how science changes. The study of history is also the study of literature and poetry because we can see how language can change in time. The study of history is the study of the human mind and we can see how people change and grow. We learn many things about people and culture and that is the reason why learning history is important.

This week in history is very interesting. On January 10th in the year 49, Julius Caesar goes through the Rubicon River and goes into Rome. This begins a huge change in Rome and in the world. Also this week, in 1946, the United Nations meets for the first time and 51 countries come together. This week in 2007, Apple makes the very first iPhone. This week in 1922, we see the very first use of insulin to fight diabetes disease. This week in 1972, Bangladesh breaks from Pakistan and becomes its own country. This week in 2001 there was a terrible earthquake in El Salvador. And this week in history, the great cowboy singer Johnny Cash played his guitar at Folsom Prison, at the same time in 2013, the very first ice hockey league is made in India.

History is the story of wonderful things and terrible things. History tells the story of your people and my people, and people all over the world. When we read and know more history we can understand religion, art, and music from all over the world. We can understand food and fashion. We can understand government and psychology. We can also find the way to peace.

History is the study of the past, and there are many old things to look at and study. But history is also the exciting search for patterns in society. We see patterns in the up and down of economy. We see old fashions and styles and music come back to us. We understand how people think and we can also feel inspiration from people who lived long ago and who did great things.

When we study history we also learn more about our own culture. You are very lucky to be Japanese. Your country has a beautiful and long history of thousands of years. You have music and language and art that you can see from so long ago. As a Japanese person you can know more about who you are, and who your people are when you study history. Japan is the home of incredible literature, art, music, fashion, pottery, language, dance, and drama. There are hundreds of interesting historical people, and the story of Japan is deep and complicated. As a Canadian, I am very jealous. My country will be only 150 years old this year. Compared to Japan, Canada has almost no history at all.

History is about the past, but it is also a lamp for the future. When we see the past we can also use that information to look ahead into the future. What will Japan do with its rich history and how will Japan use that to move into the future? You are the future of Japan. The history of your country is a treasure that you can carry with you. The next history is the history that your generation will write. I am very interested to know what history will come next.