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Teen Power

When you are a teenager many adults do not think you are so important. You are a kid. You are too young. You don’t have a big education. You can’t do the things that adults can do. You don’t have any money. You don’t have any power. Haha!

But the truth is, there are many things that you can do. There are so many areas where teenagers have made a big difference. I want to tell you about a few very powerful teens.

Fraser Doherty was a 14 year old boy in Scotland. Many people start a business with computers or homepage or solar power. Fraser made a home business from jam. His grandmother made some delicious jam and he wanted to make a jam company. He called his company, SUPERJAM. Today, his company sells 500,000 jars of jam. He owns 10% of the jam business for the whole United Kingdom.

Bobby Fischer became an international chess master when he was 14 years old. Tiger Woods became a Junior Amateur Champion in golf when he was 15 years old. Taylor Swift became famous for her music at 16 years old. Mozart wrote operas at 14 years old. Mary Shelley writes the famous book about Frankenstein at 18 years old and Steve Jobs starts his computer company at 19 years old.

There are many more great teens who did amazing things when they were young. Being young is not a problem. Each of these people found a passion for their life and they wanted to do something unique and special.

Mark Zuckerman makes Facebook at 19 years old. Babe Ruth starts to play for the Red Socks when he is 19 years old too. Malala Yousafzai wins a Nobel Prize in 2014 when she fights for education rights for girls in Pakistan. Picasso makes unbelievable art when he is 14 years old.

Maybe you do not feel like you are a Picasso or a Bill Gates. That is okay, but you probably have a feeling in your mind and heart like one of these famous teens. You might have a passion for something, and you have a feeling that you want to make your life wonderful and unexpected.

The feeling of passion is very strong in the great people we read about. All great people in sports, and art, and business have a passion for their work. But they have one more thing too. They have a feeling of “never quitting”. Picasso or Bill Gates or Babe Ruth never thought about stopping their passion. They never thought about quitting. They just keep moving ahead. They keep moving forward. They have mental power to take their future day by day, step by step, and never, never, never quitting.

This seems to be the key to great success. The key is to never quit on your passion and to never quit on the dream you have. I want to know what is your passion for your life. What will you do from now to the future? Do you have the passion and power inside that you need? I think that you can do it. Take some time and think about who you will become when you are older and then run as hard as you can to catch your dream. You have teen power. You should use it.