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Sometimes We Need To Talk

Recently in the news we saw Prime Minister Abe of Japan go to America to meet the new president. This was a very important event because it is a time to make a good relationship with America and to try to understand how both countries can move forward. Also, just yesterday, the prime minister of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau also went to America to meet the new president. It is interesting that both prime ministers of Japan and Canada went to America to talk with the new president.

It is true that we are in very delicate times. America has changed very much recently, and the countries of the world need to try to understand a good way to make a connection with the new president. There are troubles, and there are many things to worry about, but we must also find a way to keep things safe, and strong, for everyone.

When we have times that are not stable, and when we have times when we worry about what to do, it is important that we talk. Maybe we do not say so much, but it is good that we are just together. Mr. Abe met with the president of America and played golf together. This is a very important thing to do. It makes a good relationship. It makes trust. It makes a friendship so that we can talk about more serious things. It builds a human connection. Sometimes we need to talk, and sometimes we need to only be together and learn more about each other.

Countries like America and Japan and Canada are very difficult to understand. There are many problems and worries for each. But there are many things that we all believe. All three countries believe in freedom. All three countries believe in keeping our countries safe. All three countries believe that we need to have good economic relationships for the future. All three countries know that we are stronger together if we cooperate and work together.

One more thing that is very important for Canada and Japan to always remember is that while we can respect America we do not need to become America. Japan is a unique country. Canada is a unique country. Japan is very old and has a long history. Canada is very young and has a huge open natural environment. We are different countries, but we have our own feeling and our own style too. Canada will celebrate National Flag day today, so I am very happy to hear that. Japan has its own incredible art and science and culture. We both can like America and have a good friendship, but we also must keep our own country, and our own feeling too.

I am hopeful that we can make a good relationship with this new America, but we also must do our best as Canada and Japan to keep a close relationship with each other. We also have many friends in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa too. This is a time when our leaders should meet with other leaders of other countries and talk. We need to be good neighbors. We need to make strong friendships. This is our road to peace. It begins with a talk. It begins with listening to other people and other countries.

Together we are stronger. With conversation, spending time together, and remembering the many things that we all believe, we can make our world better. We can make our world more peaceful. We can make our world good for the young people and the generation that will come after us.