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Happy Teacher’s Day

Yesterday, the country of Albania had “Teacher’s Day”. Do you know where Albania is? It is a small country in Europe that is near Greece and Italy. Albania became a country in 1912. It is a very young country, but that is not important. The important thing is that the country of Albania is celebrating Teacher’s Day. This is a wonderful thing to celebrate, and it is a holiday that is also in many other countries too. In fact, the good news is that Teacher’s Day is celebrated in 94 different countries around the world. The bad news is that Teacher’s Day is not celebrated in Japan.

Why is that? Why is there no Teacher’s Day in Japan? Even countries like Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Mongolia, and Oman have Teacher’s Day. Did your government forget to remember the teachers of Japan?

I don’t know. Maybe they did. Well, not much can be done about that.

But maybe we should think about having a Teacher’s Day, and think about how we can show our teachers that we appreciate them. We should think about how we can show a grateful heart to our teachers. Let me tell you a few things about teachers.

Teachers give you many things that you need for life.

Teachers teach you how to work hard.
Teachers teach you how to read and how to write.
Teachers teach you how to use a computer and how to do math in your brain.
Teachers teach you about geography and society.
Teachers teach you about your own culture.
Teachers teach you how to move your body, how to stay strong and healthy, and how to play sports.
Teachers teach you teamwork and cooperation.
Teachers teach you about music and art.
Teachers teach you about science and about the world.
Teachers teach you English so you can use your talent anywhere in the world.

The teachers here at Otemae work very hard for your future. They work here after it is dark. They work here after you go home. Many teachers teach and coach you on Sundays, and on holidays. Your teachers help you with your textbook study, and show you how to succeed in the future. Your teachers work many many many hours every week for you, and they take your papers and tests to their homes and check your homework and reports.

Your teachers care about you and love you in a way you do not see. They watch you succeed. They watch you fly away from here to your future. They give you skills and education for you to do anything you want in the world. The only thing they want is to see your big success and your happiness.

One day, maybe when you leave Otemae and see the world, I hope you will remember your great teachers here and then send them a note, or a letter, or a message. I hope you will tell your favorite teacher that they helped you, that they changed your life, and that they gave you strong wings to fly high. Happy Teacher’s Day!