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Colorful Days

Yesterday was White Day. It is a very unique holiday that began in Japan in 1978. From that time it has now also spread to China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Everyone here knows about White Day and we can see many stores that sell chocolate for this time of year.

But did you know about “Black Day”? Black Day is the opposite of White Day and it is celebrated in South Korea. This is the day for single people who feel sad that they did not receive chocolates or gifts for Valentines Day or White Day.

On Black Day, unhappy single people wear black clothes, they wear black shoes and accessories, and they may paint their fingernails black too. On Black Day, people meet other people wearing black and they eat a black noodle dish called “jjajang myeon”, and it is covered in black bean paste. When they eat the black noodles their teeth become black too. Everything is black on Black Day in Korea for sad lonely single people.

On the 12th of July there is an Orange Day, that celebrates a famous battle in England, between two church groups. It had violence before, but now it is a fun family festival for people to hear music, march around the town of Ulster, and eat delicious food.

In Canada we have an International Anti-Bully Day, sometimes also called “Pink Day”. On Pink Day many people wear pink to remember that bullying is not allowed and that we need to support each other. On Pink Day many school teachers and students, both boys and girls, will wear pink to protest bullying.

National Red Day is a day in America when people wear red clothing to remember we need to fight against heart disease. Many people have heart trouble and wearing red reminds us that we need to support doctors and scientists to help fight heart disease. This is held in February and popular also in England.

There is no official “Green Day”, but there is a rock band in America with the name, “Green Day”. I like their music. It is very noisy and fun.

It seems that there are many colorful days that we can celebrate. But sometimes we can just enjoy the days that are colorful that come to us naturally. We can see these days that spring is coming. We can see the green leaves on the trees. Some flowers are beginning to open up. Insects are coming out, and birds are making homes for new life. The early morning sun has more colors than we can imagine. Each day brings new color, and spring has a giant range of color and tone for us to enjoy.

Every day we have might have a unique color, and maybe you can also decide what color each day will be. If you have trouble you might have a dark day, or a grey day. If you have some good luck, your day might be golden and bright. Any day you have is a good day for living. Nature will bring us new colors again this season, and we can share our colorful days with friends and family too.

I hope that you have many colorful days to come. I hope that you have both bright color days, and dark color days. I hope that you can share some color with people around you, and enjoy the color of each of your days.