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Art and Music: Soul Food

To be a student is not an easy life. You must study, and you must learn many things. You need to study Science, because Science is everywhere in the world. You need to study Math, because Math is necessary to build anything. You need to study Social Studies, because you need to understand your country and society. You need to study Home Economics so you can cook, and know how to be healthy. You need to have a PE class so you can be strong and fast. You need to study English so you can use your talent all over the world, and be successful here in Japan.

And you need Music. And you need Art.

When we talk about education and school, why do we have Art and Music last? Why do so many people think that Science or Math or English is first, but Art and Music are not as important?

Maybe the reason is that Science and English and PE and Home Economics teach us HOW to live every day, and to be successful every day. But that is not the only important thing. Art and Music are also VERY important because Art and Music teach us WHY to live, and also how to understand our world and how to understand people around us.

I think that you know the names of many famous painters. You know about Vincent van Gogh. You know about Pablo Picasso. You know about Leonardo da Vinci. Maybe you know about Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Botticelli, Chagall, and Salvador Dali. These are all wonderful and interesting artists.

In music you probably know about people like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, Bach, and Tchaikovsky. These are all very interesting musicians.

Both worlds of art and music are very important to study and explore, and enjoy. Art and music give us a reason to get up sometimes. Art and music can help a broken heart, give you energy and give you hope. Artists and musicians have the power to understand the human heart, to understand your heart, and to give you a way to understand yourself more deeply.

In your education you must have a good brain, and you must have good training for your mind. That is why Social Studies, Science, Home Economics, Math, and English are important. You need skills for the future. But Art and Music train your heart and soul. They teach your heart and soul how to understand humans, and how to be a good person to other people in the world.

Art and music teach you empathy. And you need empathy for other people. Empathy is a very important human quality, and it makes good leaders for the future.

Otemae is a great school for us to be in. Here you can explore and discover music and art. You can also learn and explore traditional Japanese arts as well. You have tea ceremony, calligraphy, and Iaido. These are very rare and special artistic subjects to have, and you are lucky to have them at school.

Art and Music are keys for your heart. I hope you will find music and art that grows your heart and soul. Art and Music are companions for life. We should choose good companions that help us and support us always.